Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mercury and Moon Pie

I'm listening to the new Bloc Party song and... I have my reservations. Honestly, I love Bloc Party. I hate people who compare them to the likes of the Kooks and Razorlight... NOT EVERY BAND THAT IS POPULAR IS A SUCKY SELLOUT! Get over yourselfs music snobs. I hope the song is a grower.

Oh yeah, Emmy the Great is playing Leeds Festival! Smiles all around, she rocks!

Went over to Maiden's last night and I had some difficulty shipping my words from my mind to my mouth properly. Vic vowed she would have to leave early and ended up going with me at midnight. We're that good company. Kyle'd had his hair cut and scared the crap outta me when he appeared in the alley. Don't tell him, but I don't like the new hair and when I see him in the corner of my eye I keep wondering for a split second just who he is.

Norman and I
Shall eat moon pie
And stare at the sky
While Vic gets high
And the bumblebees die
We'll mourn and cry
Then wave goodbye.

1 comment:

Toni Maiden-Nel said...

Kyle will look like a lesbian as soon as he washes his hair. Luckily that could be a while yet.

Emmy? Really? That's great.

I don't like Bloc Party so much, but more so I dislike their fans in the crowd at Leeds.