Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lets make SA-WEET music together

Well, he's delicious and has the second best taste in music ever - after moi, duh - he is Cal and he shall be doing a couple of blog posts for me whilst I am away. Thank you Cal, you are amazing!

In the mean time, my pennyless state means that I'm currently missing out on the latest Subways album, the new CSS album, 'Modern Guilt' by Beck and the MGMT debut - which was released AGES ago, but I have yet to purchase it.

In some of the best music news EVER, Noah and the Whale have finally got around to releasing an album. BUY IT AUGUST 11TH. No seriously, buy it. You cannot live without it.

In almost as amazing news, the new Kings of Leon song 'Crawl' is smexy as hell and bodes well for the new album in September.

My Frank Turner tee has arrived! I am now a Festival Slut! Shall post photo later, promises!

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