Sunday, July 13, 2008

I forgot

I forgot that you inspired it completely, took my dying faith and breathed new life into it. I forgot and for that I'm sorry. I gave her a name tonight. I tried to rationalise it, but in the end this was the name she would always have. I hope that you like it. I hope I can breathe life into her the way you did to me.

My only love.

The girl cocked her head to one side. Her eyes were as blue as the sheen of ice and her lips were so dark. Another living embodiment of one of my nightmares.
“You met Violet,” Anders said softly, his voice coming from behind me.
The girl nodded. “That’s right, Avery,” she answered, angelically.
I gasped and took an instinctive step backwards. The little girl bit her lip.

“Violet happens to be one of our more… gifted children,” Anders explained, quickly.
The girl's eyes saddened, finally looking away from my face.
"He's looking for you," she whispered, "you shouldn't wander off."
I opened my mouth to ask who she meant, but Isaac appeared at the end of the corridor behind her before I could speak.
"Anders?" He said, questioningly.
Anders lifted a hand to him before turning to Violet. He gently placed his hand upon her tiny shoulder.
"I think Avery has to go," he told her, carefully.
She didn't answer, instead fixing me with her calculating gaze. I'm afraid to think about how long we stood, staring at one another, before Isaac gently pulled me away and Anders steered the girl back into her room.
"Did you... know that girl?" Isaac asked as Donnie signed the forms to grant him release of Silas.
I shivered remembering those icy cold blue eyes. I would have recognised them anywhere. But Isaac was already on tenterhooks, always looking for the slightest hint of danger. It was a selfish urge, but I longed for his undivided attention again.
Slowly, against my better judgement, I shook my head.

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