Tuesday, July 08, 2008

How Toni and I are Different

Due to my laptopless state I am spilling this post out onto a notepad. I'm in post-euphoria of a pleasant evening out at the cinema. I got to see Vic for the first time since she got back from Spain - the poor thing was ill. I also got to see Skinny again - sporting her beautiful new hairstyle - with her cool younger bro Mark - who knows his History and as such is awesome in my eyes. I talked a little bit too much, argued with Kirsty over the film, received a shoe compliment from Kyle and watched Toni near meltdown because her friend Nulty - wicked name, must steal for a character - was sick.

And thus I was met with the realisation of why Toni and I are different. Apart from the obvious - I clearly have far superior music taste and a strange perchance for Macauley Culkin.

There was this guy at the cinema. He was, in a word, delicious. Tall, skinny, very blonde - imagine a gangly Link. In fact, he reminded me so strongly of Isaac - my beloved hero from my eventual masterpiece - that I actually stammered when I spoke to him.

So we have me, ready to hand my heart over to a random blonde guy.

Then there's my dear Toni. It's obvious to the whole world that Toni is MADLY IN LOVE with Kyle. Duh. So don't even think of mistaking this as an attempt to besmirch Toni's loyalty and integrity. However, I, being the hypersensitive person I am, detected some major smitteness. Yep, Toni was acting as though Nulty were an extra large seafood pizza with anchovies - Hot! Handle with CARE!

So here's the difference between us. I always - always, always, always - fall in love with dreams, illusions. I already had a whole life story for Blondie McHottie - divorced parents, one precocious little sister, does Computer Science at Uni and loves Dragonball-Z and licourice wheels. Red licourice wheels. These dreams aren't without flaws - gosh, no, I love flaws, they make you who you are! - I mean, I HATE Dragonball-Z. The real problem is that these dreams aren't real. Blondie McHottie is almost certainly nothing like that. And, chances are, if I got to know him I may not like him.

Toni, on the other hand, has got to know this Nulty dude and taken a liking to who he is. She was the same with Kyle. She loved who Kyle was and was positively desperate for us to all love him too. So maybe she does have a crush on Nulty, but I suspect she's just dying for us to see in him what she's already seen.

And as for me, I'm just a classic case of judging books by covers. I'm too damn hopeful. I suppose I need to take a leaf out of Toni's book.
They were playing Vampire Weekend at the cinema. This freaked me out a little because I'd been listening to them before I left and pretty much all weekend.

Hancock was good. Screw you imdb.

I apologise for a lack of posts. No point posting when NOTHING is happening.

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Toni Maiden-Nel said...

Maybe I have a little crush...

I guess that is one of the many ways in which we differ. But perhaps you have an advantage because you know what you want. You'll not end up stuck with something you thought you wanted but, in the end, didn't.