Monday, July 21, 2008


If anything remotely interesting was happening, I would blog about it. As it is, life has ground to a halt. I'm all out of money-free ways to have fun and quite frankly my holiday cannot come quickly enough.
My workmates have become my new family because I see them so much. Kylie, Neil, Jodie, Meme, Craig and Owen - I love you all very much. You don't know it, but you guys are the only thing getting me through these sucky July weeks. Thanks for helping me retain my sanity.
We went to the cinema last night to watch Prince Caspian, which was actually pretty good. Alee did not exaggerate Caspian's hotness - he was dreamy. The High School Musical 3 photos were my idea - they turned out pretty awesome, especially Jen's, but I think we embarrassed Toni. Sorry dude, but you have to agree that it was well worth it.

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