Sunday, June 29, 2008


...Are you bullshitting everyone like this?
...Don't you get in touch?
...Have you be come such a cruel, vile person?
...Are you leading me on?
...Do you never fucking shut up?
...Can't you see how fake you are?
...Are you so agonisingly perfect?
...Do I stay?
...Do I plow on?
...Do I love you?

These are all the questions I long to ask. I bite my tongue before they can tumble from my clumsy lips. Honesty isn't always the best policy.

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Toni Maiden-Nel said...

That's a bold statement, especially coming from you, probably the most honest person I know (it's a toss-up between you and Vic). At one time I would have agreed with 'honesty isn't always the best policy', but now I'm not so sure, because no matter how much I bleat about sensitivity, I'm inevitably attracted to honest people.