Saturday, June 21, 2008


Well, I won't lie, Canal Street was kind of a dive. We got there way too early so it was a couple of hours before anything kicked off. To be honest, we kind of showed up and everyone was sat having their tea and giving us weird looks. Kirsty's friends were very lively, but, of course, how exactly was I supposed to integrate myself amongst them? There was one really nice girl who I bonded with over cocktails - I had my first Sex on the Beach, needless to say it was DELISH - called Stacey. She was very pretty and kind of reminded me of Jessica Rabbit with all the long, strawberry blonde hair.

Kirsty's dress was very short. For someone with some serious image issues she sure was flaunting. She did look very nice, although she could have done something else with her hair. I think Kirsty majorly regrets cutting her hair. It's nice now but it used to be amazing, all long and shimmery blonde, a lot like a mermaid's. Everyone needs something in their appearance to set them apart from the crowd, something that they like about themselves and I think Kirsty cut hers off.

Mine? My long eyelashes, my fucking awesome hair and my lips. Those are the things I like most about myself.

I honestly think I looked good, but more in a lets go out to do something civilised rather than lets go out and get drunk. Speaking of, Kirsty's Mum got absolutely wasted and we had to take her home on the train. It was very surreal. We were on the last train and it was packed, but more with Def Leppard fans than with drunks, which was a relief as, it turns out, Def Leppard fans are very nice. There was this young couple sat across from me and they curled up together and went to sleep. It was so sweet.

I don't think I'm cut out for the whole night life thing. People just can't seem to understand that I just don't enjoy it. Case in point - I got home at midnight, fed my rabbit, watched the rest of Pride and Prejudice, phoned Mike and was asleep by 2am. You may call it dull, but I just don't give a shit. I'm happy with it. Give me a gig over a club any day of the week.

And, by the way, I am completely ADDICTED to David Bowie. The other day I had 'Let's Dance' in my head so I threw on some of my Dad's Bowie CDs and now I don't want to listen to anything else.

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