Saturday, June 07, 2008

Here Is a Snapshot

Here is a snapshot of where I am RIGHT NOW. I'm doing this to improve my descriptive skills, so I'm sorry if it's tremendously DULL.

I am sat on Rob's leather chair, which I hate because it is sticky and too hot. Rob's room is surprisingly tidy. He always clears it up just before he goes away for a couple of days. I think he likes the feeling of returning to order. The only thing out of place is my phone on his bed which I need to write a text to Danny.

Rob's room is awesome because it has this HUGE window and you can see the entire street! For example, as I look out the window I can see Lynda pegging out some washing. She is smiley and happy as ever. The sky is cloudy and dull and has already destined the day to be horribly dull. My next door neighbor has parked his car in front of his house and I would love nothing more than to graffiti all over it's pretty blue paint job in bright green sharpie - explanation:

Our neighbor drives me crazy. Last night, Fye was out in his run and I was cleaning out his hutch whilst listening to Reuben - sob. Suddenly, Fye stops running round like crazy and looks up. My neighbor is leaned out of his bedroom window watching us. He does this all the time! I'll be relaxing in the garden and suddenly his head will appear over the fence. Or I'll be playing Wii in the living room, still in my pajamas and I can see him looking into our house from his front garden!

I'll never get to say this to him in public, but for the sake of my sanity I have to say it somewhere.

Okay. Here goes:


Ah. I feel so much better now. Oh wait, I was describing, wasn't I? Oh never mind. I'm better at describing in my stories than in real life because in stories I can make things more interesting.

I honestly did have something to blog about - I remembered whilst I was watching Cadet Kelly last night - but I've totally forgotten. Meh.

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