Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Broken Hearted

The worst has happened:

The band are not planning any more gigs or releases for the foreseeable future - I should make it clear that the band members are all on amicable terms and are supportive of the need to call a halt.This seems like a good time to thank everyone who has helped and encouraged Reuben along the way; some of you have been there from the start, others from last week, some are within the music industry, others are simply fans - it doesn't matter which, you are all important and have given great strength to all concerned.

My poor, bruised musical heart is shattered into a thousand pieces. How can this be??? And what the hell does all this mean? Tell me, someone, that this is not happening!!!
Seriously, I'm dying. This hurts more than the loss of any other band. And there have been some real greats. Yourcodenameis:Milo, Kinesis, Holiday Plan, Million Dead... the list just goes on. But not Reuben, they always seemed to carry on.

Thank God I got to say goodbye. This will be the best gig of my young life for a long, long time:

When I got Racecar is Racecar backwards, I listened to it non-stop on the college bus for months. Very Fast Very Dangerous sealed Reuben as my favourite band. And In Nothing We Trust only furthered my love.

I went into Wigan and bought the third album the day after Toni's Hen Party. I felt like shit and it was cold and rainy outside, but somehow I managed to catch the train into Wigan and find my way to HMV. I was so frantic to find it that a dude who worked there had to reassure me it was in the metal section.

I somehow made it home and put the CD on in my living room. The house was empty and a total shithole from the party the night before, but I just sat down at my table and listened to the album through.

It blew me away. It still does.

The last track brought tears to my eyes and I cried my heart out. No music has ever created such a visceral reaction within me. With the current state of things, no music will ever effect me so strongly ever again.

I love Reuben. This news is a blow to my spirit.

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augusta_avenue said...

I'm sorry for your loss. They were awesome and shall be sorely missed.