Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Social Retardation


For weeks I've been subjected to slow social retardation. Honestly, since the United Match that I worked, I've been out once. And that was the other night to watch Indiana Jones - the film was excellent, by the way - and most of that evening was spent watching the film so it wasn't the most social evening out.

Oh wait, actually, I went for coffee - tea actually - with Mike at Starbucks the morning before my exam where he prepped me and then stole a cup for me. Ooh, I haven't told that story have I? Okay, so, we were sat in Starbucks at Piccadilly station. He was waiting for a train and had suggested we hang out and he could test me before my exam - so sweet of him - and the only really suitable place close to Sackville Street was Starbucks. I'd told him the story of when I got ripped off by Starbucks in Sheffield and how Danny had promised Vic he would steal a cup for her. Then, as we were getting up to leave he picked up the cup and just slipped it into his bag!!! Then, at the escalators, he pulled it out and handed it to me!

I have to admit, the whole thing was devilishly sexy. The way he just did it and didn't even look stressed or bothered. And then he just gave it to me, like it was a box of chocolates or a bunch of flowers. Of course, it was way better than either of those. I've been thinking of writing it into one of my stories. Something tells me Avery would love a Starbucks cup stolen for her by Isaac. Or even better, Anders or Gabe could steal it for her and Isaac could get p-retty jealous! Jealous men are awesome.

I'm a big reader of chick lit.

Karen and Norman's List of delicious situations that are manditory within chick lit:

1. Jealous men
2. Drooling/Swooning men
3. Angry declarations

Wait a second, I've totally got off topic. Sorry, so we were supposed to be going to the pub tomorrow night and now I find out Mark's going watching fucking Sex in the City. In his defence, he told Vic he couldn't go over the weekend. But being ditched for Sex in the City? Meh, I was looking forward to a nice evening out and now I just feel deflated. I've had a crap couple of days and a night out with my mates was just the ticket.


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