Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I've been asked by one of my fanfiction friends whether I've ever considered writing a lemon. The thing is, I am not opposed to lemons. I think, tastefully done, they make entertaining reading. It's just a shame that I have only read one tastefully written lemon.

One. The rest have made me cringe.

So the answer is not that I haven't considered it, but that I don't think I could do it. Plus, the truth of the matter is I've never had the experience so writing about it wouldn't be impossible, but I'd indefinitely struggle.

The main reason I haven't though, is because of the stigma that comes with them. For one, they're a desperate cry for attention and derive from the originality of your story. And secondly, since everyone else is so afraid of lemons it kind of puts your reputation into question.

The problem is, I've been torn as to whether my dear, sweet main characters of my brainchild should consumate their relationship. Most YA authors have to confront sex eventually. Each one has their own way of going about it. My idol, Sarah, doesn't skirt around it but rather leaves a little to the imagination. For her, sex is not always central to the story (except in 'Someone Like You'). I figure every author has to address sex in their own way and eventually I'll figure out my own.

Until then, my two young lovers might have to wait. Poor things.


augusta_avenue said...

Oi, stop dribbling on about Edward Cullen and sex scenes and tell me what you think about that new Death Cab album.

You better be visiting me after your exams! I'm home in two weeks!

silverpistola said...

qOkay, calm down impatient!

I've got the album but only listened to a couple of songs. I'll email you with my full verdict when I've given it the time it deserves.

I'll visit, I promise and we shall play muchos wii!

Jim Loves Lemons said...

Dispicable... :/ Lemons are the greatest things that fall from a tree! You should give it a shot! :D