Monday, May 05, 2008

Hello. I saw you today and thought you special... I wrote you a poem. That's what I was doing whilst the South African man was preaching because I think you were wondering.

Not perfect, not close,
But unexpected, pleasure amongst guilt,
Where I am dragged by invisible force,
To the house that God built.
And I remember sunny days
School plays
Fields ablaze,
The latest craze.
I like your glasses,
How can you be here?
My stranger amongst the masses,
I can’t let you disappear.
Like perfect sunsets,
Trails from plane jets,
Tips of cigarettes,
Fleeting silhouettes.
Instead I’ll bottle your scent,
Record your laughter,
Scribe your content,
And remember you thereafter,
Along with polystyrene fights,
Musical nights,
The northern lights,
My romantic rights.

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