Thursday, May 08, 2008


The new Hadouken album (as well as The Raconteurs and Panic (no !) at the Disco's new albums) arrived this morning. Of course, I put it on almost immediately.

It's difficult to explain why I like Hadouken so much. I'm not particularly impressed by the nu-rave trend. Really, it was fun at first but now it just seems a way for Topshop and H&M to make a shitload of cash. Personally, I'm happy to see Leeds Fest go back to a metal centered line-up. Metal heads are lovely. Nu-rave kids... not so much.

I am not nu-rave, obviously. To emphasise how un nu-rave I am, I listened to Hadouken's album whilst I had a bath and drank a cup of tea. So uncool. Not like I care.

But this album is awesome. Hadouken are like a snapshot of the young culture that surrounds so many of us every day. It reflects both sides as well, the parties, the irresponsibility, the laughs and then the drugs, the consequences, the pain and the confusion. It's strange, but in a way the messages of this album are almost anti-rave. You'd have to give it an objective listen to understand where I'm coming from.

Musically, it's also top notch. The lyrics are poetic perfection. And the beats feel like your own heart pounding in your chest, setting the mood to each song with startling accuracy.

It is dark, fast and refreshing. Hardly an album to relax to but honestly I'm tired of all this singer songwriter shit that middle-aged people can't get enough of. FUCK ambiance music and shite about bicycles and sitting on beaches! Lets have a little bloody honesty. Thank you Hadouken!

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Toni Maiden-Nel said...

I agree about the line-up. Metal all the way!