Monday, May 12, 2008

Can you say EXCITED?!?!!


Toni Maiden-Nel said...

Hey. Thanks for the feedback. Kyle just watched Across the Universe and totally loved it. What's Twilight?

Alee Pally said...

Oh my god, Kitten, I am so excited with you! Isn't Bella (Kristen) just beautiful?

Can't believe the choice for my beloved Jasper *screams*, so wrong!

Thanks for linking to my blogywogy sweetie!
Oodles of huggles, Aleepally xoxox

silverpistola said...

Toni - Glad he liked it! And have you been sleeping under a metaphorical rock for the past two years? Twilight is the new Harry Potter, duh! This film is the most highly anticipated of the year (in the opinion of most teenage girls anyway). Check out:

Alee - Ohmygosh I know! She's the perfect Bella! I think Jasper looks good, but I'm a total Emmett-shipper so meh.
Btw, your post on orgasms had me giggling for hours!