Sunday, May 11, 2008

And again with the WEIRDNESS

I've had the weirdest weekend ever. Well, Saturday wasn't so weird. I worked with a couple of new Kitchen Porters. They were both super nice and took some initiative which is good since I'm rubbish at telling people what to do. Or so I think.

Today was just pandemonium.

Never has the JJB stadium seen such madness. We all had to be verified as Stadium workers at the door by the KP supervisor before they would allow us in the building and even as we sat around waiting for the beginning of our shift there were United fans eyeing the open door.

I was stuck on a meal for 380 (not happy about that) with Craig and Neil (even more unhappy about that) and one of the new KPs from Saturday (he was really good, super nice dude). The plus? There was the hottest agency waiter ever working in my kitchen!

Oh, he was too cute. He had long brown hair that curled at the ends and the greenest eyes. And his accent? Oh to die for. Too bad he was agency. I'll probably never clap eyes on him again in my life. *Sigh*

Oh yeah, back to the topic at hand. There were United fans banging on the walls, offering us cash to slip them in. A few somehow did get in and ran through South Stand Kitchen trying to find the concourse. It was insane! We did get to see the United scum parading round the trophy. Good job I hadn't eaten all day that's all I can say about that.

You know what though? When our kitchen was finished Owen and me went up to the main kitchen and hung out with Kylie, Richard, Hannah and Hazel just waiting for something to do. All of us were stood around talking and messing around and I remembered just why I can't leave that place. It's like all of us are a big, weird family. I really do have a lot of love for my work friends. We stick together and take care of each other. It's inspiring really.

Thus I know I won't leave until I have to. Every horrible moment there is made worthwhile by the awesome people I work with.

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