Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Twisted Fun Fairs

Martin Grech is amazing. I’ve been after his first album ever since I bought “Print is Dead: Volume 1”, which was a compilation of songs from various artists collaborated with Yourcodenameis:Milo (who are sadly no more). I bought the compilation because it had Reuben, Tom Vek and Gordy Moakes (bassist from Bloc Party) on it, but it was the Martin Grech track I ended up liking the most. The album arrived today and it is amazing. Already I know that I must have the other two.

It’s like music from a twisted fun fair, or a vampire city, or the path to the underworld. It haunts me and stirs my love of orchestral, poignant music. His voice is frighteningly angelic and then at the same time burning with unbridled fury. Sometimes music arrives at just the right time and this is one of those occasions.

Last night I was angry beyond belief. Today I am just… tired. I’m tired of being so angry and disappointed. It’s exhausting. Sometimes I feel the capacity inside me to be a horrific person. I am gifted with the ability to be incredibly cruel. But I wouldn’t consider it a gift, because it isn’t an ability that I can control. My anger can often be misdirected and have catastrophic effects. So many times I have stewed in my own hatred, burning to say a thousand malicious things but as long as I don’t act then, by the morning the impulse subsides and I am glad that I didn’t act.

Never treat fuckers the way they treat you. Don’t let yourself become a hypocrite.

So I didn’t act and I don’t think I will. But I have a long memory and I’m capable of holding onto a grudge for a long time. I won’t forget how they made me feel.

I won’t trust them again.

My ten bands predicted to be on the Leeds 08 bill (across stages):

1. We Are Scientists
(because their new album rocks)
2. Mystery Jets (ditto)
3. Foals (the IT band of the first half '08)
4. Panic at the Disco (minus the !)
5. Jimmy Eat World
6. The Subways
(not definite on this one)
7. Nine Black Alps (or this one either, but they should play)
8. The Futureheads (duh!)
9. Elbow
10. Rage Against the Machine
(the main rumour headliner)

Bands I would love, please God, to play but don't necessarily think they will: Frank Turner, Reuben and the Guillemots. Oh and Martin Grech now!

Monday, March 17, 2008

They like me, they really like me!

It's been quite a while since I finished 'The Project', but still a steady trickle of reviews seem to find their way to my inbox. It's really lovely, because I'm not lying when I say that I keep them all. The fact that someone has taken time not only to read something I've wrote, but also to leave me a little bit of encouragement - it makes my day every time!

I checked my inbox and a lovely reader has favourited me as an author! As all fanfic users know, this is an honor reserved for your very favourite authors. We're talking THE BEST! Ohmygosh, thankyou Aeralyse! You are too awesome!!!

Easter Bunnies

I am alive, I swear! The last few weeks have kind of passed in a daze as I struggled to stay on track and work and read Marx (ohmygosh, Marx is so cool!). Not that much has really happened:

- I hate Craig and Neil and Cal has convinced me to quit my job in August.
- Vic got awesome A2 results and is well on track for going to Oxford.
- My poor bunny had to go to the vets. We're now treating him for mites, poor lamb.
- Liverpool are awesome!
- I've developed a serious addiction to ebay.
- I'm going to see Reuben in April! Woot!!!
- I am in love with Tamaki Suou, whiny little prince that he is.

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