Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Lime Grove (aka Alexander Samuel)

Hello from the computer suite in lime grove building. This is the building that I am pretty much doomed to for the next semester. It's not so bad, in fact the building itself is rather old and beautiful. It helps that I pretty much know my way around (especially after the trek I went on yesterday to search for the History Resources room).

My first two weeks (or 1 and a half if you're being pedantic) have been rather good. The weather is unpredictable and I have two rather early morning classes, but so far so good. American History is, of course, excellent. Seminars are with Natalie as well as lectures and, as expected, she is very thought provoking and dry. European American History is also fascinating (though a lot of work) and it's so cool sitting on the train reading Rousseau's "Social Contract". Next week we move onto Mill (much more familiar territory). It doesn't hurt that there is a real cutie in my lectures. Unfortunately though, European Intellectual History may be marred by the harrowing experience of a Dr. Jerram lecture next week. Yikes!

CHIPS (Conceptual and Historical Issues in Psychology) has also been surprisingly lively thus far! It links in nicely with intellectual history (Rousseau!) and is actually stuff that I've done before in Philosophy. I find my old cynical Philosophy personality resurfacing (CAST IT ALL TO THE DAMN FLAMES!!!).

I cannot say the same for The Intellectual Revolution in Britain, though I am trying to keep an open mind. British history is sooooooooooooooooo boring!!!

So that is me as of 11:20 am in Lime Grove (Samuel Alexander) Building on a sunny winter day in early February. I'm off to have a delectable Gemini lunch.

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