Thursday, February 28, 2008


This week has probably been one of the worst in my life. I happen to be a fairly happy, content person. Honestly, I don't really let much get to me. Apart from my academic life. Any blip in my academic career cuts right to my core and tends to leave a scar.

For the past two days I just haven't been able to face Uni. And I'm a psych student - I know all the symptoms. I've been depressed.

I can't say I'm feeling 100% again, but I'm better. A little Aldershot and a LOT of really great music and a thorough read-through of the 'Communist Manifesto' can do wonders. And now I'm just really pissed off. REALLY PISSED OFF.

Anger for me is productive. As long as I can remain angry, I'll stay productive. So it's a good job that people keep pissing me off!

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