Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Year Review - 2007

2007 - A Review

Best Album of the year: Yeah, there were PLENTY of awesome new releases this year. Up there on the list are second albums from The Killers, Rooney, Nine Black Alps and Hot Hot Heat. Hanson's eagerly awaited fourth studio album was amazing. InMe finally got around to releasing their third album and new offerings from Jimmy Eat World and Bright Eyes are always welcome! Add to that awesome debuts from The Maccabees, Mute Math and Manchester Orchestra. A close contender was, of course, the ANTHEMIC third Kings of Leon album, but of course, there could only ever be one winner. In Nothing We Trust - Reuben!

Best gig of 2007: Hmm, there haven't been quite as many to choose from this year. I think I may have to go all the way back to January and pick Scott Matthews. What a performer!

Best Film of 2007: At first I didn't really think there were many contenders, but actually, there are tons! Half-Nelson and Across The Universe both stood out, but the winner has got to be Into The Wild. I'm hoping it'll pick up more than a few Oscars.

Greatest Musical Discovery of 2007: Yikes, that is a toughie! As much as I adore Manchester Orchestra, I am torn between Mutemath and Frank Turner (all of which I saw on the Carling Stage this year at Leeds!)

Internet awesomeness in 2007: http://postsecret.blogspot.com/

Most damn awesome song of 2007: 'Chaos" by Mutemath, the anthem to my entire summer.

Best book of 2007: 'Ironside' by Holly Black just tips 'Eclipse' to the top spot. Of course, 'Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows' is everyone's number one. But Ironside deserves it.

Obsession of 2007: Hmm, well Zelda is pretty much a constant. I finally discovered 'Fruits Basket' this year, so that might be it.

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