Thursday, January 31, 2008

City Headache

Today in my Cities of Dreadful Delight seminar, we discussed a piece by Georg Simmel about aspects of the city. I am a girl completely in love with the city. Every day it infuriates me and entrances me. I think I have retained my naiive adoration of the city. Simmel talks about developing a blase attitude through living in the city and becoming indifferent to the stimulation the city has to offer. Okay, I have become a little blase (you won't survive in the city without a little seen-it-before attitude) but I don't feel that I've become desensitised. I've walked down Oxford Road a million times and every time my eyes are wide as saucers. I love it all; the smell of disinfectant under the bridge of the train station, the array of guitars in a shop window, the diverse range of people walking beside you... everything.

I think I would hate to become desensitised to the beautiful city.

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