Friday, November 16, 2007


Yes, I have my very own song. It all started when I decided that since Reuben are my favourite band I should go on a mission to gather every Reuben song (b-sides included). It's certainly not an easy task since some of the older singles are going on ebay for extortionate prices (and I'm a poor student). Anyway, anyway, anyway, the most important song I wanted was a cover of a Vex Red song that Reuben did for the b-side on 'Keep It To Yourself'.

And the song is called KAREN!!! A song by my favourite band, written by a band I loved about ME!!! I'm so happy!

Karen is wasting time,
Won't pull in her mind,
She runs this pantomime,
Save me, don't be blind,

All the time,
All the time,
She's dying, yeah,

Karen turned away,
She sees no ones face,
Staring into space,
To run away...

Is this near me?,
Could this be serious?,
I need your help,
I need your help

"Karen" performed by Reuben, lyrics by Vex Red

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