Friday, November 16, 2007

Mark's 18th

Mark turned 18 on Wednesday! Congrats my dear Markio!

Mark is one of my good friends and I felt very priveleged to hang out with him on his birthday. He's a real sweetheart, even though I know he'd say otherwise. The big night is next Friday when it's his party, so Wednesday night was pretty low key but still tons of fun.

We chilled at Marks (with cake and champagne. really, I'd like to mention now just how nice Mark's folks are, they never seem to bother about us gatecrashing their living room. when we showed up at their house unexpectedly after the wedding Mark's mum made us all a cup of tea and his folks gave up the living room for us!) before heading to the local pub to get in Mark's first legal drink and take part in the pub quiz. Needless to say, we were fairly crap, but it was such a great night!!!

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