Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Keele (and We Are Scientists)

Well, I have returned from my two days in Keele. And it was... well, a disaster is a slight over exaggeration. But not far from the truth. How do I explain? Well, I was warned about Keele but it still came as a shock just how... small it is. And it really is in the middle of NOWHERE. At first I thought it was cute, but eventually it kind of got to me.

I guess I just had a bad couple of hours and it pissed me off. That and the fact that Skinny is so messy and seemed to find it amusing to be even more messy simply for the benefit of annoying me. Honestly, there's few things that REALLY REALLY get to me. Mess is one of them. My other friends (who've had to live with me at York) understand it and just leave me to it now. And its not that I desperately HAD to tidy her room, I didn't touch a thing before she started setting out to annoy me with it.

Other than that she was a very gracious host. I think. It's difficult to explain what happened while I was in Keele without it coming out all wrong. I guess I experienced some weird form of claustrophobia. Hmm, yeah, that sounds right. I'm just hoping Skinny doesn't hate me right now. I think I may have been a bitch.

Positive things to say about Keele: Skinny is there, the people are very nice, the girls don't all look and act like models (like most do in Manchester), it is very pretty, it has a fairly awesome union shop and We Are Scientists liked it there.

And probably the biggest plus about this whole experience: I have never loved Manchester as much as I do right now. Going away made me realise just how amazing my beloved city is. I used to be so ungrateful.
Never again.

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