Thursday, November 22, 2007

Good Mates

I have two good friends at Uni: Roch and Hannah. I made friends with both of them at the beginning of my first semester. Roch is the only other girl doing the same degree as me (in fact, there are only 3 of us, the other being Rich, a very nice but quiet guy) and we met at registration. Hannah is another combined studies student and we met at a WebCT briefing where we randomly got talking. All three of us do half Psych and for the past year have been chilling in lecture together.

The thing is, I've started to realise that they're both really good mates. They probably see me more than Toni and Vic and we have quite a lot in common. Mainly our love of Football, good films, music and Uni. We all know each other quite well now and have a lot of shared in-jokes. Plus ALL of us have had a thing for one of our lecturers. Hannah (who always goes for older men) is obsessed with Geoff Beattie (yeah, he's the psychologist off Big Brother). Roch had a thing for Warren Mansell, though there's really no justifying that kind of bad taste. And I happen to think Evan Kidd is rather cute (what is it with me and the name Evan) even though I'm 80% certain he's gay *sigh*.

Sadly, next semester I only have one psychology class with Roch and Hannah and then next year Hannah is off to Austria for a year. So I have to savour my time with them before I have to try and make new friends. Oh well.

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