Friday, October 19, 2007

Vic's 18th

I've wrote about this day like a hundred times, so I'm just gonna post the pics. They are fairly awesome.
The Birthday Girl in the morning!

Everyone in Blackpool (except moi, the elusive photographer).

Space Cadets.
Prepared to be soaked, everyone on the Valhalla.
Five crazy peeps (Chiv, Becka, Biggsy, Steph and Vic) on the Tango Ice Blast.

Mark posing with a horse. Nothing unusual there.

Steph protecting Toni on the Ghost Train.

The happy couple on wild mouse (er, was this photo hard to get? Nigh on impossible!)

The elusive photographer is caught on camera! (Note: my sunglasses. I took my responsibility as photographer VERY seriously.)

The twins!

Everyone (except Kyle) queueing for Space Invaders.

Biggsy, Kyle and Toni enjoy their chips (especially Biggsy, what is in those things, dude?!)

After a long day of being the birthday girl, Vic finally gets her chippy chips!

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