Monday, October 01, 2007


Boys are SO IRRITATING! As much as I love many, they still drive me crazy. And why is this? Well, I have an older brother who bugged me when we were growing up, then I had idiot boys at school to annoy me and now I am one of only three female KPs at the stadium, which means I am often surrounded by STUPID BOYS!

But the thing I've noticed about boys is that they're not so bad on their own, it's when they're with other boys that they become ABSOLUTE IDIOTS!

I do have other things to blog about (like amazing Saturday), but it will have to wait.

A list (by Silverpistola and Norman) of boys who aren't absolute bloody imbeciles:

- Jamie Lenman
- Lucas Leiva
- Jesus (because he technically was a boy)
- Owen Armstrong
- Link
- Blonde Guy
- Isaac Hanson

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