Friday, September 14, 2007

The Tiny Travelling Treasury

Today we took Skinny on the promised tour of Manchester through the eyes of a simple student. It went remarkably well, though I say so myself. When we arrived in Manchester on the good old Oxford Road, we motored down to Gemini Cafe, giving Skinny a whistlestop tour of the Uni on the way down (basically me waxing lyrical about Kilburn ((the computer science building)) and Toni pointing out various important places).

I've mentioned Gemini enough in this blog, so I'll just mention that I had lasagne and Skinny had Moussaka. Of course, it was delicious.
On our way back down to the Cornerhouse, we stopped in at Hume Lime Building (the prettiest building at Manchester Uni, hands down) so I could grab my Psychology timetable. It felt odd to be at Uni, especially since it was the first day that the new students could move into halls, so there were parents and nervous looking students (mainly foreign students) everywhere. Brought back fairly mixed emotions.

The film I'd picked for us to watch at the Cornerhouse (2 Days In Paris) had been a completely random choice, but thankfully it turned out to be pretty good and fairly funny. Phew, what luck!

After that we jumped on a bus into the city to go to URBIS. URBIS had been my idea since it's free and I've never been before but heard rave reviews from a lot of people. The main exhibition was about the Hacienda, but the best part of URBIS was the Tiny Travelling Treasury!

I can't explain the concept of the TTT very well so I looked it up instead: The Tiny Traveling Treasury is a unique exhibit developed by UHC for URBIS. The interactive sculpture, handmade from almost 100% recycled materials was especially commissioned for the Play exhibition. The Treasury invites people to set out on a city-wide Treasure Hunt, exploring hidden nooks and crannies of Manchester and embarking on new experiences. During its summer residency at Urbis the Treasury will grow and respond as people add to it, creating a living breathing document of the city. Standing 8 feet tall, the interactive sculpture is handmade from 100% recycled and recovered materials and inspires childhood play and imagination with more than 150 games. A mysterious set of instructions dispensed by a lucky Chinese cat, awakens the participants' urge to navigate through the streets of Manchester, make discoveries and to contribute their gathered fortunes to the museum. Games include: Taking a walking stick for a walk, Carrying out a random act of kindness in the street, Collecting a used bus or train ticket etc.

It was fairly cool and me and Skinny could have spent all day there. But Toni was bitter (because she hadn't thought up the idea) and made us leave.

So, all in all, the day was fairly good. I'm sad because I've realised today just how much I really am gonna miss Skinny. And how much I miss Uni as well.

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