Saturday, September 08, 2007

That's what first place looks like, baby!

Today was the horse show at Kirsty's farm. The one that she entered me into a class in WITHOUT TELLING ME. It was only a novelty class (nicest tail), but that doesn't change the fact that she DIDN'T TELL ME.

Actually, it wasn't so bad though, I just had to lead Kirsty's horse into the field, stand with her and try to keep her still and then walk forward when the judge gave us first place. Yeah, baby, first. Kirsty did all the work (she plaited the tail), but she insisted that I take the rosette and kept telling everyone that I had won it, not her, despite my protests. Bloody typical. Kirsty is very single minded.

It was quite a fun day, despite the fact that I've been knackered all day from getting up WAY early and working in Rigs last night. I learned an awful lot and got to see some very good riders.

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