Thursday, August 23, 2007

Tomorrow = Leeds!

It's a mere nine hours until the unholy trinity (myself, Iona and Maiden) set out for Leeds. Am I excited? You bet I am. But anyway, there'll be many tales of Leeds whence I return. TODAY was spent at Toni's crib, chilling and inadvertantly celebrating Mark, Vic and Danny doing so well in their AS levels last week.

I must confess, I love hanging out at Toni's flat. It's absolutely crazy to think that one of us has their own place. We don't have to stress about parents or making too much mess. It's awesome. Plus, Toni and Kyle's flat happens to be amazing. Seriously, it's HUGE and in walking distance from everything (i.e. Tesco). I feel so relaxed when I'm there. Toni and Kyle have really created a home for themselves. I admire them for it.

I always have fun when the six of us are together, which is a very common occurrence these days. I don't feel pressured to act like anyone but myself. Which is cool and kind of scary at the same time. I think these five people (Toni, Kyle, Vic, Mark and Dan (and Ange as well)) are the people who see me at my best. Or my realist. Is that a word? Spell checker says yes.

So anyway. Off to Leeds. Wish me good weather and happy festival-ing!

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