Monday, August 20, 2007

Bright Eyes

I'm not entirely certain what we're supposed to bring to the next Lit Club. The subject was too vague. "Yeah, just bring anything" - That kind of too vague. So, I've had a few ideas, and I've been writing like crazy.

But one idea, as is the norm, keeps on cropping up. Bright Eyes.

I only got into Bright Eyes last year. They were recommended to me by a good friend. He told me Bright Eyes is music you have to share. Good for fucked up people. Maybe I should have took that as an insult, but I was fucked up then. And Bright Eyes is Chicken Soup for fucked up people.

The first person I tried to share Bright Eyes with didn't understand it. And I was discouraged. Maybe it's time to try it again. Or maybe Bright Eyes has just become too personal. But I think people at Lit Club could really appreciate it. Or a couple in particular, at least.

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