Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Ah, finally I am back! I have been away so long, TOO LONG! But now I am back and ready to post many pictures of THE WEDDING!

Yes, it was the wedding on Saturday and what a wedding it was. I haven't been to many weddings but I'm fairly sure I'll never go to another anything like this one. Doesn't Toni look just radiant? You wouldn't think that just moments before that photo was taken she was biting the heads of almost everyone in the vicinity. Yes, as fun as the wedding was, preparing for it wasn't exactly that much fun. It basically consisted of de-stressing Toni and getting bossed about by Serena.

The ceremony was beautiful though. Karl, one of the guys from Lit Club, read this awesome poem and Ibi and Scott sang a song while Serena and Gavin signed the marriage certificate. Of course, I couldn't get any pictures of this because I was on stage. I'm hoping to get some from Toni when she gets back off her honeymoon. Anyway, after the song we all had to walk into the middle of the stage and meet up with our groomsmen and then walk in pairs, arm in arm with our groomsmen, behind Toni and Kyle whilst "White Wedding" by the Murderdolls (!) was blasting. Mark, my groomsman, was super nice and offered me his arm and we chatted as we walked back down the aisle, which is more than some of the other girls could say for their groomsmen. I made sure I got a good one.

Anyway, then it was off to the park for photos. Menses Park in Wigan is beautiful and everything, but it is also a favourite hang out for emos. So we gathered quite a crowd of spectators. Plus the photos took ages to get and it was windy and occasionally rainy. Us bridesmaids spent a lot of time huddled together since our idiot groomsmen were too busy fighting with umbrellas to offer us their coats. Men. At least Toni and Kyle looked good.

The reception was a bit of a dive (probably because THERE WAS NO ALCOHOL). I did get to see loads of our old friends like Cathcart and Ste, Ange, Jess and Hannah, Krista, Laura and Dave and Cash and Tony. Plus Iona was there and she introduced us to Paolo (Paul) her boyfriend who shook my hand! Danny's set was also pretty awesome, despite us messing about with his keyboards earlier.

The reception pretty much fizzled out at about six, so we all went back to Markie's house and though many things transpired that night, I'm not really allowed to disclose them, hee hee.

At least Toni and Kyle had a great day and that's all that matters, after all.

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