Saturday, June 09, 2007


Every week now, me and my friend Kirsty go walking up this hill in Blackrod. It's great because :

a) It get me out of bed early
b) It gets me excercising
c) I get to hang out with Kirsty
d) The rivington is so beautiful.

Really, it's amazing up there. Generally we walk to the top of the hill, but sometimes we walk around the reservoires at the bottom which is what we did this week and how I found the most beautiful place in the world.

I kind of imagine the Rivington to be a lot like Hyrule is. Grassy and serene and just a little bit magical. When I found this spot, I could just imagine Link and Zelda meeting each other there for a secret rendezvous at night.

And when I found this spot, it reminded me of the pathway up to Hyrule castle. So much so that I forced Kirsty to trek up this steep slope with me so I could get the perfect picture.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I posted the first chapter of "The Project" (An AU Zelda fanfic I've been gradually working on for ages) a couple of days ago and have got a nice handful of enthusiastic reviews! Yay! And then today I checked my inbox and found that 'Sheik's Twin' had posted THE NICEST review on one of my older fanfics:

I realize it's been quite a while since you finished this story, but I was looking around your profile and I couldn't help but read this story... it just called to me, you know? I was also wondering if you were going to finish your story "Society ties" because I think it's really good... actually I think that all of your stories are great! (the ones I've read anyway XD) congratulations! you are a magnificent writer :D!

How sweet is that?! People are so nice!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Productive Shit

It's funny how a really shit night can get the creative juices flowing again. Take last night for example. I worked in Rigalettos with one KP down and the "good looking" waiter staring at me all night (not because he was interested, but because I looked like I'd sprung a leak I was sweating so much). Then I got pissed off at Maiden and sent her an unnecessary text, which perhaps was slightly deserved but now I wish I hadn't sent it because her apology certainly didn't make me feel any better.

So I wake up after this hellish night and what happens? I start writing again.

Go figure.

Friday, June 01, 2007

June's Warmth

He wasn't perfect. His skin was speckled with scars and imperfections. His hair smelled like marijuana. His hands were dry and rough, with tiny cuts from guitar strings. And his body was broken and put back together the wrong way.
But it was all these things that made him so elusive. So mysterious. His hair was the colour of the setting sun and glowed like embers. His eyes were cornflower blue and saw everything. His grin was wicked and his chin jutted out when he flashed it. I loved his nose ring and the way his hair was always a mess. I loved his adam's apple, that protruded from his elegant neck so beautifully.
And his broken body only made me love him more.