Monday, May 28, 2007


I have been at work - ALL WEEKEND. I'm off today (and intend to make the most of it) and then tomorrow, oh wow, I'm BACK AT WORK! I must be crazy. I always say this when I take a million shifts in one week. Craig worked out that we'd spent over twenty hours at work this weekend. I pointed out that that sucked.

Work actually isn't so bad sometimes. Sometimes it can even be fun. I wouldn't admit that to my boss though (I actually have three bosses though). I am a Kitchen Porter, which is a glorified term for pot washer. Although we have dishwashers for all that. Other than that we clean and tidy the kitchens, help out the chefs and take out rubbish (the worst job because there are rats near the skips). This might sound unbearable to some people and it certainly does have it's down sides. My nails are constantly breaking and I can't wear nailpolish because it's unhygienic. I have to put up with snotty waiters and some scary chefs and occasionally other KPs who are just fucking lazy.

But, it also has it's perks. Like my work mates, who are, by and large, pretty cool. There's kind of a divide in the KPs between people Craig and Neil like and people Craig and Neil think are "meffs" (their word, not mine). The KPs they like are in the Super Happy Friends Club. At the moment there are around 10 SHF club members and a million former members who have moved onto better jobs but are still fondly remembered. Another perk is the stadium rice pudding, which the chefs make a big batch of for the boardroom after a match, but it rarely gets eaten. About a month ago I tried some and have been obssessed with it ever since. Because it is the BEST RICE PUDDING ON GOD'S EARTH. Milky, vanilla-y and delicious. I can eat an entire panfull, although I rarely have time to.

Alas, this weekend there was no rice pudding. Oh well. Maybe next match.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Last Night

I wondered if I should blog about the match beforehand. Now I'm glad I didn't. I'm not really sure what to say. I don't really feel anything, I'm just numb. My heart strings did tug seeing John Arne Riise walking through Milan's guard of honour. He looked devastated and that really did hurt because he deserved to win. Most of the players did, which is why I feel for them. But there's no one to blame or be angry with. Not even the referee really. And I don't resent Milan. They scored more goals than us, so they won. It's as simple as that.

Give me a couple of days and then I might start to get pissed off.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Half In Love With Elizabeth

And he's half in love with Elizabeth, and he's half in love with youuuuuuu!!!

Oh yeah, it's the song in my head (and on my earphones) right this second. I miss Mystery Jets so much right now, I NEED NEW MYSTERY JETS!!!

One exam down, only two to go. This was the toughest one since it was all about the brain and chemicals and hormones and tons of boring crap like that. I swear I answered that about fifty different things were due to the amygdala. Oh well. Fingers crossed for a 40%! On the bright side, I'm much more well informed about the other two modules, so they should go better (touchwoodtouchwoodtouchwood!).

Last night was the second meeting of the Literary club and I must say, it was a great sucess. Everyone brought a piece and we had to read it out. Twice. Pretty scary considering most of us are only acquaintances with one another. Eeek! Suprisingly, it was awesome. Everyone's pieces were great! Karl read out this really dark, sinister poem about a concept of a girl. Matt wrote his poem about the people who jumped from the twin towers, but when he read it without telling us beforehand it could of been about a lot of different people. I thought it was about two people who's friendship was destroying other people. Davina read an extract from a story she was writing about a woman who'd been given an opportunity to go into space.

Becky read some really personal poetry that really cut everyone to the quick. It was so... honest. You know like when someone just says something so honest and personal to you and you need to take a deep breath? It was amazing. And as she was reading she kept her eyes on me every time she looked up. And I just felt like I had to be strong, to encourage her to do what she felt she had to. I hope I was some kind of help. I really was in awe of her last night. I couldn't believe anyone had the strength to open up so much without holding anything back. It was incredible.

Mel read a poem that was kind of like a riddle. It was driving everyone crazy because no one was sure what it was supposed to mean. And then she told us she thought it was different for everyone. Toni read a poem about Kyle, which was really sweet and kind of gave you this little temporary window into their relationship. And Catherine read a short story piece that had been inspired by someone she had seen. Considering she told us how much she'd struggled to write it, it didn't seem forced at all. It was awesome.

And I... I read out something about someone who I've gotten close to lately. It was kind of what I wish I could tell him but know I never can. It wasn't anything like romantic, and everyone got that, thankfully. It was so awesome to hear what everyone else had been writing and see how different we all were. Of course it was incredibly gratifying to get good feedback from everyone, especially after hearing all of their pieces. I had a new respect for everyone because suddenly it wasn't like they were just people in lit club, but people all with different lives and stories and talents and thoughts and feelings. It was almost bonding. Almost.

Here's an extract of the piece I read. Can you guess who it's about?:

"You’re far from perfect, so far at times that I wonder if you have a split personality. And aren’t you a little old to fall into evening long sulks? Your gifts in guilt tripping are positively occult. Can’t anyone be privy to something without your involvement? Just because we’re the same, the old school, doesn’t mean we’re cuffed to one another. I don’t owe you anything, remember? So why do you have to be good to me, just when I’m desperately hoping you’ll let me think the worst of you. You just won’t give me an easy way out, will you? You know too well how to cheer me up, with secret stocks of rice pudding and the latest piece of mundane gossip. "

Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Decorating Process

Generally, for my birthday I always ask my parents to pay for my Leeds Ticket. The ticket generally costs around a hundred and fifty quid, so they're not getting off lightly. However, this year I was given ammunition to ask for something I've been thinking about for a while.

My folks are obsessed with their annual holiday to Spain which is like the ultimate chill for two weeks. It's really the bright spot on the horizon that keeps them going and planning it is like a life preserver. Cut a long story straight, the cheapest flights my parents could get meant they would be on holiday for my birthday. Ah yes. Let the guilt tripping begin.
So, because they're feeling guilty about not being here for my birthday (but not guilty enough to go on holiday another time) they agreed to my demmands. Which was that I wanted my room decorating. With a wooden floor. And GREEN walls.

The thing is, when we moved into the new house when I was six (yep, SIX) to placate me, my parents decorated my new room. In red. With a seashell border. Plus I went through a dolphin obsession when I was about eight or nine so there was about a million dolphin ornaments and windchimes stuffed into my room. Eventually it just all got to be too much and it had to go.

But decorating is a more painful process than I thought. I got home from Uni one day to find all my stuff suddenly in my brother's room. Dad had started. And once he starts there's no stopping till it's done.

We have had no end of problems with this room. We ordered a bed - it doesn't fit in my room. Half the plaster around my window crumbled away. Dad put my stereo back the wrong way about A MILLION TIMES! We couldn't find flooring the same style as the rest of the house, etc. etc. etc.
Plus, there was the trip to Ikea. I'm telling you, I'm still having nightmares about THAT.

Sunday, May 06, 2007


I haven't posted for AGES, I know. Things have kinda been getting on top of me, plus I've just been enjoying my last 4 weeks of Uni WAY too much. It's awesome, I can't believe I only have one more week left!!!

The biggest update is probably Fay (that's how the subtitles on my Tsubasa DVD spell it.), my new bunny rabbit! Yes, as soon as my student loan was in my account I ran out and bought a huntch, quickly followed by the bunny I fell in love with at first sight!
He's a little boy, only 19 weeks old. He's very curious, lazy, playful, adorable and a bit silly. He looks like a little puppy sometimes. But he's the one I wanted as soon as I saw him and I love him to bits!
Other than that there isn't much going on. Wedding stuff, exam stuff, Uni stuff, mates stuff etc etc. More updates when I've done anything worth posting about!