Tuesday, February 27, 2007

THE Reuben Gig

So, did the Reuben gig live up to expectations?

Er, OF COURSE! It was fabuloso. My only criticism is that they only had an hour and a quarter on stage. I could have listened to them ALL NIGHT.

I’d never been to a gig at club academy before (which is in the renovated basement of the Union Building). As you would guess from the name, it’s just like going to a club. The bar was a lot better than what you usually get at a gig, which pleased me since I was on the archers before the gig and didn’t want to mix my drinks. Bought some merch (from Jim’s lovely wife who looked well chuffed when I bought pretty much one of everything) and chilled out at a table with Maiden for a couple of hours until the main act were on.

I cannot sing Reuben’s praises enough. Musically, they’re genius. The crowd interaction is TOP NOTCH. They are, really, no exaggeration, some of the nicest blokes ever. The crowd went mad for them, which just says it all.

The best song was, without a doubt, ‘Scared of the Police’. I was chuffed cos I finally got the Pilot EP and the new Reuben DVD, which is hilarious. The film is an insight into the real lives of a band who are rock stars by night but work in chip shops/waitrose/debenhams by day. I found it really useful, since I’m working on a story about a band, but just the commitment and sacrifices of the guys for what they love is inspiring and often gut-wrenchingly funny.

I didn’t get many pics from the gig. Since we were sat down for the two support acts we had a pretty crap place in the crowd, not that I was bothered since the atmosphere was just fantastic and the crowd were cool (and one of the most diverse I have EVER seen). So I’ll have to make up for it with this random pic of me loving my new Reuben tee.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Oscars / Time for a new job?

I just got distracted by Gordon Moakes on the new Bloc Party video. I’m a wee bit knackered from working yesterday and staying up till 5.30 am to watch the Oscars. Ah, the Oscars. Well, I’m a bit disappointed, but that’s only to be expected, right?

Cal felt it was his duty to educate me to Martin Scorcese and insisted that I watch both ‘The Departed’ and, last years major Oscar loser, ‘The Aviator’. Personally, I thought the Aviator sucked and could understand why it hadn’t won. However, the Departed wasn’t bad.

But still couldn’t hold a candle to Little Miss Sunshine.

Okay, so Alan Arkin won an oscar. And it did get best original screenplay (the writers’ award). BUT IT DESERVED BEST FILM. And I won’t change my mind on that front. Disappointment also stung when Pan’s Labyrinth missed out on Best Foreign. Unbelievable, really. I did get a bit worried when it had a lot of success early, but I still thought it was a sure thing. Yeah, I haven’t seen ‘The Lives of Others’ so I can’t say it didn’t deserve it, but what I can say is that Pan’s Labyrinth is the most beautiful film I’ve seen in a long time. Ah well, at least it won a few Oscars. And Marie Antoinette picked up best costume design (shocker!).

I could go into the whole red carpet/who was wearing what discussion. Abigail Breslin totally stole the show, she looked soooooooooooo cute, without bordering on looking like she was in her thirties. It totally freaks me out when you see these child stars looking like mini adults. She looked like a sweet little girl, which is exactly what she is. The whole Smith family thing was clearly a winner too. I thought Gwyneth looked great and Beyonce too (though when does she not look great?). Of course, my personal favourite James McAvoy looked yummy.

My work mate Joe has got a new job and is leaving us in about a month. We were working together yesterday. I knew he wouldn't last much longer, he loathes working at the stadium. I like Joe, he's one of the people I get along with best at work and I'll miss him, but I'm glad for him too. The thing is, listening to him talk about his reasons for leaving makes me think more and more about getting a new job myself. Don't get me wrong, I love working at the stadium. I like how I know what I'm doing and everyone knows me... but the work isn't regular enough, especially this semester when I'm only at Uni 2 days a week.

It's probably just nothing. Work might pick up soon. Still, it's always at the back of my mind lately.

Oh yeah, I passed Psychology. Still too scared to check my History results.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

One Down

Well, I passed Sociology. Thank God. 67/100, not bad for an elective.

Still waiting on my other results.

Monday, February 19, 2007

(Atkins?) Toni's Birthday

Okay, I'm not ashamed to admit that my diet seems to have... wavered. Maybe my incentives just weren't as strong as I thought. And I have lost weight over these two weeks, all my jeans and tees fit nicely again.
Hmm, we'll have to see where it goes from here. The wedding is still a long time off yet.

And still it seems to be THE main topic of conversation when we're all together. At dinner last night we had Serena (future sister-in-law of Toni and wedding planner extraordinare) at our table. Since she has all the details in her special, holy yellow notebook (no joke, it's sacred) we were quizzing her like crazy, especially us bridesmaids. She was happy to discover we all liked the dress.

Toni's pseudo birthday celebrations were awesome, even though it always freaks me out seeing people from church. Especially so many of them. And we got to meet the infamous Rob, Vic's new boyfriend. And also proceeded to wax lyrical about Dan (the ex-boyfriend) in front of him. Oops.

I am doing my best to grind out some new fanfiction. Still, today is my only real free day this week. Tomorrow I have lots of Uni, lunch with Toni and then I have to go into Manchester to get Daddy's present. Then there's the Emerge research day on Wednesday (eek!) and the Barcelona Match that night (I still refuse to comment on my team's recent activities other than to say WHY ARE MEN SO FUCKING STUPID? DO THEY NOT CARE THAT THIS COULD BE ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT MATCHES OF OUR SEASON?!!? Still, until I have more details I can comment no further). Thursday more Uni and the REUBEN gig. Yay!
I love Reuben. Some men, thankfully, are not idiots.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Atkins Day 11


I'm feeling a bit low. Life's a little foggy, a little groggy. If I even see another piece of bacon I will throw up. God, I hate bacon. And that's a big component of Atkins. So... that's not good. Bought three new albums yesterday (+44, Cold War Kids and Rufus Wainwright) which I'm currently listening too. So far, Cold War Kids' offering is definitely the best, although that might be because my CD player seems to be biased towards it.

Tomorrow is Toni's birthday, but since she's working tomorrow (!) and everyone's generally busy on Saturdays, we're going out on Sunday for a meal and then to watch Hot Fuzz. Whee! A day off Atkins and a great evening with my mates. Being at Uni kinda throws you all across the globe (well, across Manchester and Liverpool) and it's so cool to get together and catch up. We've tons to talk about, mainly the wedding.

I love my mates so much. I know everyone says that, but I really do appreciate mine. I can't see myself ever drifting too far away from them.

Had the second Emerge meeting yesterday morning. Man, they are so organised! It's a godsend. Hannah says her group are all slackers which makes me realise how lucky I am that mine are all so dedicated and nice. I suck at working in groups, really, really suck. I'm not a team player, I admit to it. But I'll do my best.

Next week we have to stand outside a hall of residence and ask people to fill out questionnaires. No one else seems too fazed by this. I am dreading it.

Went to the cinema with Hannah last night and watched the worst film. Gah, it really freaked me out! Thankfully, I got a message from Toni in the middle of the film telling me she'd found the bridesmaids dresses that distracted me nicely from the freaky film (Notes on a Scandal). Instead I had a text message debate about the dress. Nice, huh?

So now Hannah is completely in my debt and I'm free to make her go watch the most chick flicky superficial film I want. But payback will have to wait a couple of weeks because the REUBEN GIG is next Thursday and I KNOW that won't disappoint!!! Yes!!!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Atkins Day 10 / Guillemots Gig

Had the picture done on Valentines. Most of them were awful! But there was one in particular that both Vic and myself agreed upon. We should get them either tomorrow or Monday and I might even be brave enough to post it. Might.

So, the gig last Sunday. Emmy the Great had been the support, much to Maiden's elation. And mine too. One support act and one that I knew were good too. Plus, Emmy has a band called Noah and the Whale playing with her which consist of two guys, one playing a fiddle/violin and the other playing guitar/keyboard. They're both aesthetically pleasing. Oh yeah. But Emmy herself is great, a really courageous act who sings poetry, at least that's my opinion.
Guillemots! Well, it's a difficult gig to describe. Of course it was Great. Really. But... I was a little bit disappointed. They came on and played a fantastic version of 'Through the Windowpane'. The sounds and instruments in that one opening song were incredible. I was blown away. Thoughout the set they played the manditory four singles ('We're Here' was played as an accoustic with just Fyfe and his guitar. It was amazing. Well, it would have been if the crowd hadn't talked all the way through it.)

The crowd. We're knobheads, to say the least. Not all, just a minority who happened to be in close proximity to where I was stood. I won't go into the details. The crowd at Scott Matthews were so awesome, I had hoped for the same for Guillemots. Apparently not. What a shame.

Other than the crowd, the main problem with the gig was how the set list had been organised. They played two well known album tracks to start, a single and then launched into a large chunk of new and lesser known material which lasted about seven or eight songs. Don't get me wrong, the music was great! The new stuff sounds awesome (can't wait till that new EP!). It was just too much; they should have threaded it with album tracks. At one point they were definitely losing the crowd.

Still, to their credit, the music was awesome. The atmosphere was pretty awesome too, especially when the bubble machines were on and they were playing 'Trains to Brazil'. Fyfe admitted that half the band were ill with food poisoning, so all credit for not cancelling the gig. I particularly liked how all the band were in white and at the end of Sao Paulo a handful of fans were allowed on stage to beat this oddly crafted large guillemot. Cool

Maybe I'm just hard to please. Maybe I hate Academy 1 (2&3 own!). Maybe I was just spoiled with the Scott Matthews gig (very likely). It was a good night, but not enough to make the top 10.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Atkins Day 7

Ooh, not a great day. But rejoice, A GOOD WEEK AHEAD! I am craving sweet things so bad right now. Mostly ice cream. Can't even watch Cardcaptor Sakura because they make TOO MANY FOOD REFERENCES. But I have lost weight already and I'm finding solace in the little things (like Lost tonight was good, can't wait to analyse it with my friend from work).

Hopefully going to the cinema twice this week. My last cinematic experience leaves a lot to live up to. Gonna watch "Blood and Chocolate" on Tuesday with Vic and Stephy. My pick because it has the delectable Hugh Dancy in it and I'm sure I recall reading the book sometime in my abyss of teenage years. And then "Music and Lyrics" on Thursday, which I'm not expecting to be life changing, but something easy to follow with some nice gushy moments.

Speaking of gushy moments, I'd have to be deaf dumb an blind (plus probably locked in a remote cell in India) to not be aware that Wednesday is Valentines Day. Honestly. Call me a cynical bitch all you like, but this day annoys me. It causes so many people pain and feelings of inadequacy. I'm sure that's not what sweet old Valentine intended. It's not the commercialism I hate, I mean, hasn't everything been commercialised? Just another product of modernity, deal with it. But I'm never gonna support anything that makes people feel so bad.

I myself will spend Valentines having my hair done for a professional photo with my best friend Vic. And I plan to spend Valentines night either watching DVDs (with a break for Desperate Housewives) or sketching out some poster ideas for my emerge meeting the next morning. In which I am hoping to WOW retro boy.

Man, I totally forgot to mention the Guillemots gig on Friday. Will post pictures in next update. In the meantime, check out the house in York where we're going this summer. I ordered the house myself (aren't I grown up!).

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Atkins Day 2

Well, today has been spent mostly in bed. So I haven't really thought about food too much. I'm thinking of writing a fanfiction solely about food to torture myself.

Went to watch Miss Potter tonight with Queen G (my most beloved Grandmother). It did not disappoint, but was at points very sad. I did well up. More than once.

When I was about eleven, we went to the lake district for a couple of weekends. I loved everything about it. We even went to the Beatrix Potter museum. My favourite Beatrix creation has always been Benjamin Bunny. He's fabulous.
Tomorrow I'm going charity-shop-shopping. I love rifling through charity shops. It's where I often pick up my most beloved articles of clothing.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Atkins Day 1

Well, here is the beginning of the rest of my life.

It's been a bad day - but not because of the diet. I'm fairly hungry but it takes a while to get used to food with no fillers (carbs). I had an awesome tea - pork chops with stir fried vege. Beautiful. God bless my Mother, couldn't do this diet without her fab cooking.

Gotta keep it up. Toni has now told me she's having seven older bridesmaids - myself, Kirsty, Jen, Skinny, Vic, Lauren and Serena. And all of them are gorgeous. I've got my work cut out for me.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Diets, Weddings and Boys

Well, I officially have less than three days before I go onto the Atkins diet. Every time I mention this someone in the room feels obligated to tell me that I don't need to go on a diet. But of course, they have to say that. Atkins can really suck at times. There are bad days when you find yourself craving something or other (last time it was Jammy Wagon Wheels) so badly that you would love nothing more than to quit.
But you MUSTN'T! Because in the end, it's all worth it. When you go and try new clothes on and look in those stupid dressing room mirrors (that normally make you look crap) and find that you actually look good... words cannot describe that feeling. It's AWESOME!

Now I have the added incentive of wanting to look great for Toni's wedding (7th July, only six months away!). Though Toni still hasn't decided on the final bridesmaid count, there are two other DEFINITES beside myself; Kirsty and Skinny. Despite how much Kirsty goes on about being fat, she's not. She has an eensy weensy tummy and that's all. No bum or hips to speak of. And Skinny earned her nickname from being able to do this impressive impersonation of a rake. So there it is, there is NO WAY IN HELL I am standing next to those two looking like a borderline size sixteen (right now I'm 12/14, but that's edging towards full on 14). Uh uh, not happening. I will NOT be the chubby bridesmaid. I'd rather die.

And on Wednesday, I got another incentive to diet. A verrrry good one.

Well, I made it to the project meeting (everyone was totally nice and understanding. They all seem very dedicated, which is good news) and found a VERY cute guy in my group. And not the guy that most girls would single out as the cutest (I have very individual taste in men). For abstract fear of being found out, I will named him RETRO BOY. Yeah.

Anyway, I'll see Retro Boy again in a couple of weeks and looking slimmer and delectable might not hurt.

If he has a girlfriend, I'm going on a man diet.