Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Beauty and Scott Matthews

Hello there!

Only my second post of the new year? I am rightly ashamed. Still, now I'm finally back at Uni I actually have something to talk about!

1. BIG NEWS! Kyle's parents gave the go-ahead on Monday and so now it is official: TONI AND KYLE ARE GETTING MARRIED IN JULY!!! This of course is very exciting for me. I get to be a bridesmaid, but more importantly Toni is the first of my friends to tie the knot. And I don't mean to sound like I have an over inflated ego, but this might never be happening if it weren't for me. In fact, Maid wouldn't even know Kyle. Still, some things were meant to be, right?

2. Kirsty turned 19! We had a great day out to celebrate her last year of youthful folly.

3. The Scott Matthews gig was AWESOME! Somehow, Maid and myself ended up right at the front and I was happy to gaze at Scott, mesmerised by his beautiful voice (just as good live!). More shockingly, he was like the nicest bloke. Seriously. Which was very refreshing. Next gig is Guillemots in a couple of weeks. Somehow I don't think we'll be at the front for that.

There's probably much more to tell, like on the fanfiction front and the uni front, but I can't think too clearly right now. Bit stressed out about meeting up with my project group in a couple of hours. Wish me luck!


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2007 - Atlantis To Interzone

Did you know that anyone who doesn't love the Klaxons and Hot Chip must have been ASLEEP all 2006? Well, neither did I! But according to the musical powers that be (Zane Lowe and the NME) that is the truth!

Of course, I am right now listening to the Klaxons in an attempt to catch up. Phew!

I could bore you about my New Years Resolutions (I still only have FOUR out of a possible FIVE), but that can wait. I am going to review 2006!
2006 - A REVIEW

Best Album of 2006: Of course, there are MANY contenders. 2006 saw new albums from Incubus, Razorlight, Muse, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Klaxons (hehe), Hope of the States and so many more. But the best has to be a debut, indeed the debut from The Guillemots - Through The Windowpane
Best Gig of 2006: Another toughie, but it just has to be OK Go, simply because it was just such a fun night and the guys are so damn sweet.

Best Film of 2006: Again, this is so hard to pick just one. So instead, here are a selection of excellent picks from last year. Jackass 2, Hard Candy and Marie Antoinette.

Greatest Musical Discovery of 2006: Scott Matthews.

Internet Awesomeness in 2006: The phenomenon that is OK GO ON TREADMILLS!!!

Most damn catchy song of 2006: First Love - THE MACCABEES

Obsession of 200g: Either Cardcaptors or Zelda. Probably Cardcaptors, just.