Friday, December 15, 2006

The Scandal

Does anyone else wish they just hadn't signed up to the new blogger beta? It's beginning to really annoy me.

So, what do I get for not pre-ordering Zelda - Twilight Princess for the Gamecube? You got it. It's sold out EVERYWHERE! And I have no debit card since some little shit stole my wallet last week so I can't even go to Gamestation and buy it! Grrr!

Anyway. Rant over. Ah yes, The Scandal. Yesterday, myself and HISTORY BOY went to the cinema. This was impromptu, before you go into fits of squeals, and NOT A DATE. No way. It was just two friends who happen to be of the opposite sex going to the cinema together.

How it happened went a little like this. I had just gone to hand in my finished History work at the school office. I had also just received a message from Hannah informing me that he Dad was coming to pick her up that night so she couldn't go to the cinema. This had slightly dismayed me since I was looking forward to it. Alas.

Upon arriving at the school office I saw HISTORY BOY waiting outside. He remarked that I looked slightly glum considering I was handing in my final essay. I explained that my plans for the cinema had been dashed.
"Well, if you're not doing anything else, I'd go with you," he suggested, cheerfully.
I guess I must have looked slightly dumbfounded since he quickly added, "If you want."
Thus far, I have only seen HISTORY BOY in lecture halls, so the idea of seeing him in a cinema was quite exciting. Which is why I graciously accepted his offer.
And how I ended up going up the maze of escalators to see 'Stranger Than Fiction' (which I would not reccommend, by the way, but I'd originally wanted to see 'The Holiday', but of course I wasn't going to make HISTORY BOY sit through a total chick flick).
It was nice and strangely not that awkward. He smiled nicely when I told him I was freaked out by how high the escalators went and we had a passionate discussion about X Factor which he loathes but I adore.

But it was all TOTALLY PLATONIC. The only part that might have been slightly suspect was when he told me I looked nice. In a boyish way. What I mean is where they don't come out and say it but say something like: "Uh, you, uh, like, you, uh, look, well, uh, nice, I guess."
Apart from he didn't say "I guess".

Not that it would matter if he did. We were just two friends going to the cinema. And History class is over, like I said, so I won't see him again.

Thursday, December 14, 2006


It's kind of cool when you dig yourself out of your own mess. Like for the past week, I have been emerged in total chaos. I was behind in my WebCT assignments, I had a HUGE essay due (that I'm just polishing up before I hand it in, by the way), I had my wallet nicked and thus no cash and people in my group for the recycling project were seriously pissed off at me.

I'm not saying I'm COMPLETELY out of the woods, but I'm getting there. Last night I got off my ass, emailed my group to explain what had happened (they've reluctantly forgiven me, but I'm gonna have to work extra hard to make it up to them), started reading for my essay and went on WebCT to check out what needed doing. Plus I cancelled all my cards and sorted out replacements (which was way more stressful than was necessary, let me tell you).

Yes, I did the responsible thing instead of letting the mess get EVEN BIGGER. And now I feel much better. I might even be able to enjoy my Christmas holidays without falling into a deep dark chasm of guilt. Might.

In more interesting news, on Monday night I went out with Ange and her new crew to Fifth Avenue. The extent of my nightime socialising at Uni has been going to Fool's Gold at MMU once. And it was o-kay I guess. I only went for my friend Mike's sake. And though I was dreading Monday night, I actually had a good time.

This was probably because Ange's friends were so nice and after an initial awkwardness I felt okay with them. The music didn't suck and I can hold my drink relatively well so I didn't run the risk of drunken antics. Ange on the other hand... Unfortunately, there were few good looking guys and the ones I got groped by were less than impressive, to say the least. Still, it was fun. I felt like shit for assuming I'd hate it and that Ange's friends were all gonna be totally stuck up and hate me.

I was wrong. I admit it.

And that's the last time you'll hear that, lemme tell you.

Monday, December 04, 2006


Now I try to remember what happened this weekend I can't... well, apart from the fact that I met Dirk Kuyt, which was extremely cool. Of course, since I'm staff at the JJB stadium I couldn't snap a picci with my phone so you're just gonna have to take my word for it.

My muse has abandoned me and I am in serious mourning. Every time I try to write something it just... doesn't work. I want to write fanfiction, lots and lots of fanfiction. But I guess that isn't up to me.

In other news, Christmas is coming. And we are planning The Holiday 2007. Which means everyone is pretty much at each other's throats. I thought Vic might kill someone on Saturday night. Most likely: Danny. Watch out Dan, she's on the warpath!

In more devastating news, yes, the MacDonald Bros were eliminated from the X Factor on Saturday. And yes, I was devastated. I have been voting for the brothers all the way through so I'm totally gutted they had to go. And they missed out by just 1% of the vote! If they do release anything, I vow to buy it.
Life just isn't fair sometimes. Liverpool kick Wigan's ass, but the MacDonald Bros are eliminated. So cruel.

I'm sick of top tens. Who cares, right? And they change pretty quickly. Plus they're tough to think up, especially without my darling Muse. So, for the time being, my top tens are on hold.