Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Ugh, I am so stressed. Just got an email from my Sociology tutor telling me that I'm a million miles behind and that I've got two essays to do over Reading Week. On top of that I have a non-assessed essay for Intro to American History to do and a MASSIVE essay for State, Nation and Nationalism that I have to begin a mountain of research for. The JOY!

This, by the way, is me stressed:

Monday, October 23, 2006


I've just had an awesome weekend. Now, here is the promised update, complete with pictures!

So, this weekend I got to see the new Sofia Coppola film Marie Antoinette. As I expected, it was truly awesome! A feast of beauty, so much so that I was cursing Kirstin Dunst for her seemingly endless youthful beauty throughout. I mean, how old is she? (*Goes on imdb to check*) Okay, she's 24 and she can STILL realistically play a seventeen year old! I mean, at least on Dawson's Creek you could tell most of them were five years older than their characters! God, I hate Kirstin Dunst, but there is no denying, she is beautiful.

But not as beautiful as CAITLIN, Catt and Harry's baby girl whom I saw for the first time last week. And she is like... I can't explain it. She's so beautiful that just looking at her makes you feel so glad you're alive! And Catt and Harry are both just so chuffed! And so they should be, SHE'S ADORABLE! I can't wait to buy her loads of clothes and cute things she doesn't need!

Ah yes, also this weekend was the long-awaited InMe gig! It was a really great night, despite the fact that DAVE MCPHERSON HAD SHAVED OFF HIS HAIR AND EYEBROWS AS PART OF A BET! Yes, I kid you not. Still, he remains delectable, even though he is completely hairless (his words, not mine, though I assure you he did not back up this claim with any visual evidence other than his head). And the verdict on Greg McPherson; he's so SWEET! He was being really nice with the crowd and he just looked like he was honestly having the time of his life! I like that sort of sincerity and gratitude in a band.

As for moi, I am busy as ever. Later I'm going watching The World Trade Center film (not my pick, I swear!) and this week my schedule is just jam packed. Seems the world just can't get enough of me.

Which is more than I can say for David Gibson. Progress is slow. As is conversation. Still, the more I find out, the more I... well, like.
God Help me.
Top 10 recent disappointments:
1. My conversation with David last week
2. Jackass 2 being moved back to November 24th
3. The whole Guillemots fiasco
4. Not being able to go see Marie Antoinette with Vic on Friday
5. Ange ditching us on Vic's birthday
6. My flat
7. Psychology lectures so far
8. My Mum not telling me about going into business with my Aunt
9. Liverpool's away performances (excluding Bordeaux)
10. My hair. It sucks lately.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Too... busy... must... procrastinate...

Greetings from the Queen of Procrastination currently trying to get out from under this pile of work.

My lack of postings is partly due to internet problems and partly due to how busy I am. BUT updates are ahead including: exclusive pictures of Catt and Harry's baby daughter Caitlin, info on Vic's 17th, more fanfiction inspiration and general whatnot.

I will return very soon!

Monday, October 09, 2006

I hate iTunes

God, I think I see now why Microsoft and the PC still rules. Probably because mac products may look cool and shiny but they SUCK!
iTunes is ruining my life. I paid 180 quid so I wouldn't have to deal with all this hassle! I've reinstalled iTunes TWICE, restored my iPod FIVE TIMES and put the same 1348 songs back onto my iPod TOO MANY TIMES TO COUNT! Yeah, so two of my Zen Creatives upped and died on me in less than a year, but I didn't have all these problems with the software. In fact, the creative software made it a DODDLE to upload my many tunes. Which you would expect, because it was BLOODY EXPENSIVE!

I apologise for my extensive use of capitals. It's gone half two in the morning, I have a very long day tomorrow, I haven't had a particularly good day and now I just want to go to bed.

But I have to upload my iTunes library. AGAIN.

Sunday, October 01, 2006


I think I may be an organisational freak when it comes to some things. Like the files on my computer and the songs on my I-pod (originally named Quientin but now renamed MADISON for future reference). No matter how long it takes (and it often takes a VERY long time) everything has to be filed in the right place with the right name and details.

I used to think this was a lovable quirk, now I'm not so sure. My friends often find it quite amusing, because my need for order stretches to things like my bedroom and the washing up. I CANNOT leave the washing up undone. I HAVE to do it or I go crazy. Even if there's only a little bit of it. In the same way, I can't live with my bedroom being messy for more than a couple of days before the need to tidy takes over.

I'm hardly Miss. Organised. I mean, I like things in order but that doesn't necessarily mean everything in perfect order. But I still need my standard of order in my world. I think that's why I might be good at my job, because I just CAN'T leave a kitchen looking like a tip, I just HAVE to clean it up.

So I guess my love of list making is perfectly understandable.

Top 10 things you should know about me:

1. I cannot live without music
2. I like to store up memories
3. I'm a sucker for any kind of romance
4. I'm sarcastic
5. I don't have very conventional taste in, well, anything. Especially guys.
6. I support Liverpool Football Club
7. I have to write some form of diary. For the sake of my sanity.
8. When I'm through with Uni I want to be a YA author.
9. My music goes everywhere with me (via MADISON)
10. I believe in personifying inanimate objects (my laptop, Ville, my pen, Sean, my Ipod, Madison etc, etc.)