Friday, September 29, 2006

OK Go at Music Zone

Sorry I’ve been so brief and late in my blogging lately. Internet problems, life problems and time management problems are all an issue right now. Still, I know what you’re dying to hear about. OK GO!

I shall not disappoint you, it was every bit as wonderful as I’d expected, just not in the way I’d expected. It turned out that the music zone appearance was AWESOME and the gig was okay. Krista and me got to music zone at around 4 and there was like a couple of people. So we just went to the front of this cordoned off area and figured we’d wait. At quarter past Maiden joined us and then Ange turned up just after we’d seen Damian and Tim walk in.
We had to wait until half five for the band to come on because Rusty was stuck in traffic somewhere. And Dan? DAN DIDN’T EVEN SHOW UP! THEY PLAYED THE SET WITHOUT DRUMS!

Dan Konopka you evaded me again! DAMMNIT!

Anyway, the set was great. The guys played five songs: a Smiths cover, Do What You Want, Million Ways, Oh Lately It’s So Quiet and Here It Goes Again. And since we were at the front we were basically sitting at their feet as they played. And afterwards we got some stuff signed. Oh bliss!

The gig that night was pretty much packed so after OK Go we ditched the Academy and headed home. God knows DAN KONOPKA wasn’t hanging around. I will meet him though, mark my words!

In other, non OK Go related news, I’ve made my final decision. I cannot live in this hellhole of a flat anymore. Tomorrow I get my moving out form and start the process of applying for termination of my accommodation contract. I have no regrets. This place sucks.

As well as that classes have begun! Today I had my FIRST EVER lecture – Intro To American History. Gods, it was nerve-wracking. In the end our tutor Natalie, who is AMERICAN, just told us a little about the course and stuff. More tomorrow and Thursday and Friday. The joy overwhelms me (*cough* sarcasm *cough*).

Also, my stupid internet in my dorm is not working AGAIN. So this will be posted in a computer cluster. That’s why you might not recognise what’s going on behind me, don’t panic.

Top 10 reasons I cannot live in Oak House, Flat 68, Room 69 anymore:

1. My flatmates just want to get drunk. And that clashes with me SLEEPING.
2. This whole internet thing! I need CONSTANT internet access!
3. My room is right near the bar. Another clash with my slumber schedule.
4. None of the friends I’ve made live in Fallowfield
5. I miss being able to walk into the kitchen/bathroom whenever I like to do whatever I like.
6. It’s expensive living in. And so not worth it.
7. There’s nothing to DO.
8. I have NOTHING in common with my flatmates.
9. I miss Vic being across the road
10. I miss REAL food. I can live off sandwiches no more!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Uni = easy? I don' THINK SO!

So, here it is, my class schedule for the first semester. I'm being so organised that I've got everything written down in my academic planner! Eek!

12-1: Intro To American History (Lecture)
1-2: Social Thought 1 (Tutorial)

10-11: State Nation and Nationalism (Lecture)
12-1: Intro To American History (Lecture)
3-4: State, Nation and Nationalism (Tutorial)

NOTHING! Woo, I'm just gonna sleep all day.

10-11: State, Nation and Nationalism (Lecture)
11-12: Social Psychology, Health Psychology and Psychopathology (Lecture) (God, what a mouthful!)

11-12: Intro to American History (Tutorial)
12-2: Social Thought 1 (Lecture)
2-3: Social Psychology, Health Psychology and Psychopathology (Lecture)

SO! There is my week at Uni. Looks like Thursday and Monday are my kinder days. I'm just gonna be waiting for Wednesday all the time! It is pretty much my own fault for taking such a stupid combined studies degree. Most people have a pretty even spread of classes over semesters. Me? Yeah, a 70/30 spread.

I must be insane.

Top 10 things for me to do on Wednesdays:

1. Sleep
2. Work (not that I will, but I SHOULD)
3. Play on my gamecube
4. Watch Cardcaptors
5. Blog
6. Write fanfiction
7. Go to the CINEMA! Yay!
8. Read lots of slushy romance books
9. Catch up with the NME chart
10. Sod all. I earned a bloody day off!

OOh! My i-pod has finally arrived and is waiting at home for me. Woo hoo! Soon I'm gonna be a cool kid with an i-pod. My dream is kinda to have 9,900 songs on my i-pod, like Owen Armstrong in Just Listen. This dream was shattered, however, when someone told me I could only fit 7,500 songs on a 30 gb ipod. Is this true? I had a 30 gb Zen and apparently (I never put it to the test) I could have fitted 15,000 songs on there. Huh.

Anyway, I'll still be emanating my hero Owen Armstrong with my beautiful shiny white ipod!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Get get get GET OVER IT!

Ok, I might just be over the whole messing everything up with David thing. But how could I not be over it on a day like this?! A happy occasion when I am SEEING OK GO TWICE IN THE SAME DAY!!!!!!!

I'm quite excited. Gosh, twice! I didn't think it could get so good. In a minute I'm gonna put on a shirt (yeah, kinda writing this post in my bra to keep my fresh t-shirt from getting sweaty) and catch a bus, meet up with Krista and then go! OK GO RULE!!!

Mm, excited. I'm hoping I can finally meet Dan who, despite the fact I've met OK Go twice, has evaded me until this day. How infuriating! Dan is a vital member, if not the most vital! I shall meet him if it is the last thing I do!!!

Yay! OK Go-ness all day! I cannot be sad about ANYTHING! Woo!

Top 10 reasons OK Go should rule the world:

1. They are awesome. Musically, that is, but also in every other way!
2. They are style innovators!
3. They can dance!
4. They are hot (esp Rusty, oh divine one)
5. They care about the issues!
6. They care about their FANS (that's rare, believe me)
7. They have NEVER got the credit they deserved.
8. Damian Kulash's rear end is like a ripe peach. Oh hell yes.
9. Tim is bald AND cool. THAT is ultra rare.
10. They all are very nice upstanding blokes who love dancing, performing and general tom foolery. Aw, shucks.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Oh WHY... oh why... oh WHY...

Oh why. Oh why. Oh why didn't I just WAIT PATIENTLY outside the combined studies office!? If I had none of this would have happened and I would still be here, dreaming about David Gibson, the dreamy writer/silent guy of my dreams.

I've already had to recall the disaster that was the fifteen minutes I walked with David Gibson twice for the sake of Toni and my solid diary. And then a million times in my head. I guess I just want to get the facts straight so I can... be depressed for multiple reasons? I'm just glutton for punishment, aren't I?

Okay, so I bumped into David. I don't want to go into it. I did and said everything that I shouldn't have (apart from murdering him as my friend Krista suggested as a worse case scenario). And part of me is like... did that ACTUALLY happen or has my evil imagination made it all up? But, oh fuck, it happened.

New profile picture!!! My old one didn't reflect me any more. I think I look pretty hippy on that photo. Toni took it at Leeds after Kirsty had plaited some of my hair. I like black and white photos because they blank out all your imperfections (like that fading zit or the sheen of sweat on your skin). Damn those too truthful colour photos.

Top 10 things I SHOULDN'T have said to/told David:

1. I am aware that he lives in Standish
2. I was told that he hated University people
3. I got Toni to ask Jonny about him
4. I hate my flatmates
5. I miss home
6. I like trains
7. I like watching people on trains
8. I'm going to blow all my student loan on something I don't need
9. He sounded negative about stuff
10. That I live in Hindley. He probably thinks I'm like the daughter of the fucking Hindley mafia or something. Hell.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Offline Blog

For the past couple of days while I've been moving into uni I've been offline. It drove me very close to insanity which makes me think I rely a little too much on the internet, but it isn't like I didn't know that already.
I just put it to the test.

Offline blog:

18th September

I’m still not online so I can’t post this on my blog. They’re playing shit music right outside my flat and I can’t close my window or else I’ll suffocate so I just have to blast Incubus instead. I don’t generally believe in overlapping music, but desperate times and all.

I’ve made a decision. And I know I’m only gonna get a load of trouble because of it, but I just can’t pretend to myself and drastic measures are gonna have to be taken. I don’t want to live in Oak House.

I HATE it here. Like, you would think that’s an exaggeration but the only reason I’ve calmed down now is because I know I’m getting out of here. My flatmates just wanna go out and get pissed, my room is right near the bar so I get no sleep at all and I have to PAY for this misery. It SUCKS.

So I’m gonna tell Maiden and Ange later on. Ange is gonna be pissed, I know. And I feel fucking terrible for leaving her. But in a couple of weeks she’ll make mates and won’t need me anyway. Besides, I just feel like I’m holding her back. She wants to go out, socialise, meet people. I’m just too intimidated and self-conscious to do that. I know she’s bored shitless when we’re hanging out together and I get the feeling she thinks I’ll change eventually. But I won’t. I have to face facts, there’s very little here for me.

Don’t get me wrong, it has its advantages. Having everything just five minutes away is great. And it would be awesome to just go to a gig and walk back here afterwards. But it just isn’t worth it, in the long run. Apparently I give 28 days notice before I leave. So that gives me another four weeks here which means all the gigs I planned are covered and I can start moving some stuff home during that period. I think Dad might have to pick up some stuff (i.e. television, stereo etc.). God, my parents. I can’t even think about telling them yet. But my mind is made up. I can’t stand this place. I don’t like my flatmates, I don’t want to go out and get pissed and there just isn’t enough gigs to make this worthwhile.

I guess it was talking to Alex this morning (a nice girl I met in the combined studies meeting). When she told me she was living at home I was SO jealous. And when I called Toni and she said she was just hanging out at home. And as soon as I figured out what I had to go to this week I was already planning when I could go home. That just isn’t normal.

I’m sad because I had such high hopes for this. And I know how shit it’s gonna be having to tell everyone. But this is the only way. Even another 28 days might kill me.

So that’s it. Give it about a week; if nothing changes I’m outta here.


So, it’s done. Went for a coffee with Ange and Maiden. Now I come to think of it, tonight I’m not as miserable as the other nights. But I know that’s only because it’s quieter tonight. I don’t have to say I’m DEFINITELY moving out, I said to the guys that I’d give it a week. But somehow I know I can’t live here for a year. Not when I’m happier living at home. The only perk I can’t have at home is a place to crash after gigs and I can deal with that. I’ve dealt with it before, after all. I think I’d like to get a house next year. The idea of living with Toni kinda freaked me out, but now I see it would be the perfect solution. There’d always be someone there and I’d get the same perks as here, but without the MASSIVE downsides.
Sounds like a plan.

Still, that’s in a year, right? Bit early to be thinking about that. On the upside I’ve sorted my internet and should be online in my room in about a day and in the meantime I can use the computer clusters.

Maybe I’m not as depressed as yesterday. Or this morning. But… I am still certain, right?
Yes. Yes. Things won’t change. Everyone here only wants one thing and that just isn’t what I want.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Amongst a bumper pack of advice that Manchester Uni sent me, I read that it was not a good idea to get addicted to things whilst at Uni as this can lead to late nights, withdrawing from others and overlooking educational responsibilities (basically, not going to bed till 4 am, locking yourself in your dorm and never going to class).

So, maybe I should be worried that I've suddenly developed an addiction to Cardcaptor Sakura!

It's so fab!!! It's like the cutest story ever. And I liked it when I watched the severely edited American version, but the original Japanese version rocks! I love all the characters and learning a little about Japanese culture.

Top 10 things I adore about Cardcaptor Sakura:
1. Shaoran and Sakura’s romance!
2. Yue. He’s dreamy.
3. Kero’s obsession with food, especially sweets
4. Toya teasing Sakura and even Shaoran
5. Tomoyo’s battle costumes!
6. FESTIVALS! They have like a million!
7. How clueless Sakura is
8. The beautiful cards
9. How nice everyone is, everyone just gets along.
10. How cool Sakura’s Dad is. He cooks, he runs, he sews, he smiles a lot… What a dude!

I move into my dorm tomorrow! EEK!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Where were you...

I posted something neutral. But then I felt bad and had to delete it. If I'm honest I didn't even realise it was September 11th until I got home from shopping with my Grandma.

I don't want to post a cheesy poem or some impersonal prayer. What I think is most befitting is the story of where you were when you found out.

I was thirteen years old. And I'd heard a few things at school, but nothing I'd taken real note of. But when I got home and saw my Mum sat watching the television, I got a bad feeling in my stomach. I can remember walking into the living room and seeing Mum perched on the edge of the couch, the remote still clutched in her hand and her hand over her mouth in horror.

Throughout the evening the television stayed on as slowly pieces of information began to form a vague picture.

God, it was horrible though. Some people might have thought that the instances of teamwork and bravery were inspiring, but I could take nothing good from it. All I could see were children, waiting for lost parents to come home, young lovers lost and alone, friends shaken until they broke.

I can still find nothing good in September 11th. Only evil and pain.