Friday, June 23, 2006

Flour Baby

As a late birthday gift, amongst other gifts, I was given a flour baby from Krista and Skinny. He's very sweet, if a little messy (he keeps leaking. need some duct tape). I haven't quite decided on a name for him yet, but I'm considering Solistice.

This is him reading Odyssey.

And settling in on his first night with crackle bear.

Am I insane? Most likely.

Saturday, June 17, 2006


Of course, I must post about the massive event that was MY EIGHTEENTH BIRTHDAY. Yes, it was all a huge success. I got up fairly early and came down to open cards. Let me be frank, I was shocked by how much money I got (and slightly guilty since not all my relatives are totally well off). It's enough for a bonza sound system, some CDs and various treats and money for York! Vic came across and I got more hugs and pressies (the new Raconteurs album and a pad for my gamecube). We headed to Wigan where Mark, Krista, Steph and Vicky L were waiting. Both myself and Mark were slightly apprehensive since we were both getting piercings. We caught up with Toni and Ange in Hindley (Ange's gift to me was paying for my piercing) and we were off.

I'll skip past the rest and get straight to getting my piercing done. I was massively nervous, but there are some things you just have to do. I went in the back of The Studio with Vic who was filming it on my Dad's camera and sat down on a dentist style chair. The dude was nice. He told me to close my eyes so I wouldn't see the needle go through. I could feel the clamp on my eyebrow - "Take a deep breath now" - and then a bit of a sharp pain in my eyebrow and then it was done. It's fab, I really do love it. You know when you think something will be awesome but you don't reckon it can live up to your expectations? This totally has!

Me before:

Me after (not a very flattering picture):

After that the day was pretty much what you'd expect, shopping, cake, antics, more presents, singing etc.

Top 10 moments of my birthday:

1. Getting my eyebrow pierced
2. Blowing out the candles of my birthday cake and making a wish
3. The guys spontaneously singing to me on the train
4. Sitting on the steps of the Arndale with my compadres
5. Running through the train station
6. Playing double dash with Vic n Kirsty
7. Reading AJ's letter
8. Running up and downstairs in the Arndale
9. Chowing down on KFC
10. Hanging out outside the condom shop!

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Isn't it interesting how people in the same family who share the same genes can be so different? Last night I had this total craving for hot dogs (it's a good job I can be sure I'm not pregnant) so during Desperate Housewives my family ate hot dogs.

My Mum likes her hot dogs slathered in mustard and onions.

My Dad likes his hot dogs with onions and ketchup.

And I like my hot dogs with tons of relish and no onions in sight!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Role Models

So I caved and texted Serena back. I'm not sure exactly what I expected, but at the end of long, uncomfortable days you often find yourself hoping for the best. To put it plainly, her response was cold. She invited me to some barbeque, probably in the hope that she can reform me and draw me back into church, her little side project. Her charity case. Her very own heathen.

It's not like I can go to this barbeque. Because who will be there? Lots of people from church. And what will they ask? Where have you been? And what the hell am I supposed to tell them? The truth? That I haven't been to church because it's all fake, because that church cares so much about people and numbers it's willing to water down God and everything that we stand for?

Something tells me if I said that I wouldn't get invited back to Serena's place.

I lied before. I know exactly what I expected, or at least what I was hoping. I was hoping that Serena might suggest we get together for a chat. And then maybe, just maybe I could tell her something. Anything. Cos let's face it, I'm not telling anyone else. Apart from possibly Krista, but I really can't explain that.

I've always really looked up to Serena and seriously respected her because she takes shit from no one and is sarcastic, like me. But now I wonder how much I can respect her if she's willing to become just like them. All about the people.

Or maybe I'm reading too much into a text message.

Top 10 role models throughout my life:

1. Daniel Johns
2. My Mum (I know everyone says it, but it's true)
3. Annette Heyes
4. Malcolm X
5. Alison (even though I was jealous rotten of her)
6. Sarah Dessen
7. Serena
8. Nick Drake

9. Katie Holmes
10. God (just in case that doesn't go without saying)

On Friday it's my eighteenth birthday and hopefully I should be getting my eyebrow pierced!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


My family officially have an ebay addiction. I'm buying truckloads of CDs, my Dad is perusing for a new golf putter, my Mum wants some earrings and my Grandmother wants a moonstone necklace.

See, the thing is, Ebay is the ultimate shopping experience. If you're looking for ANYTHING, you're almost guaranteed to find it there! I've bought some ultra rare CDs and artwork off there. And yeah, there is a little risk involved, I mean I've never been ripped off, but my best mate did for a hundred quid guitar.

BUT, I reckon the risk is worth it. Where else can you shop in your pajamas? Plus, I have a fondness for internet shopping because of the excitement of a parcel arriving!

If you've never been on Ebay, SIGN UP and if you have, you probably understand my pain.

Top 10 things to buy on Ebay:

1. CDS!!!
2. CDS!!!
3. Artwork (really, you can get some fab stuff by underground artists)
4. DVDs
5. Jewelry
6. Odd memorabilia (I bought a Hanson magnet!)
7. T-shirts (esp Band T-shirts)
8. Lamps. Really.
10. Badges

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Top 10 pieces of news:
1. Zac Hanson is getting married! SWEEET!
2. A new Muse album!
3. My birthday in 10 days
4. The Omen is out! Go watch it cos Julia Stiles rules!
5. Leeds Fest is so much closer!
6. Jacklyn Moriarty has released a new book! Hurrah!
7. My internet is working again!
8. The world cup starts on Saturday (well, Friday officially)
9. Peter Crouch can dance like a robot!
10. It's Sarah Dessen's birthday today! Celebrate the birth of a YA genius!

She burns like the sun and I can't look away!!!

Sunburn is my favourite ever song by Muse, and favourite song altogether. But I do not generally enjoy sunburn itself which I suffered yesterday.

It didn't even look sunny as I chilled out in the back garden listening to some AWESOME tunes and reading a book. And (since blogs entries just aren't as good anymore without pictures) here is my proof!

And the book, by the way, is "Just Listen" by Sarah Dessen (fabbest author in the world).

Saturday, June 03, 2006

A Productive Day

So we went to Manchester with two main aims:
1) Find a birthday present for Amanda
2) Find Fopp

It is not easy buying birthday gifts for someone who you haven't properly spoken to for two years. I guess that's my defence for why we decided to make her a bear.
Now I've never been in bear factory, I've only seen kids walking around the Trafford Centre with the custom made bears, but I had an idea what it entailed. We picked the skin of a potential bear (a bunny, which both myself and Toni went for for an inexplicable reason), then you get it stuffed by a very sweet shop assistant. Once the bear is stuffed it needs a heart. You pick a heart and then warm it up in your hands and give it a kiss before it is placed inside your "new best friend". Once the bear is sewn up you get to accessorise. And the accessories range from cute to downright ridiculous. Even Toni, who had seemed very sceptical and had refused to kiss the heart, got excited. Our bunny ended up with purple wings and a tiara.

I think Toni had warmed to the idea by the end of the day and the whole thing certainly amused Ange who had been a little bit quiet on the train.

Of course, every trip to Manchester has to include a trip to the famous AFFLECKS PALACE. If I haven't mentioned it already, on my Eighteenth Birthday (a week on Friday!) I am getting my eyebrow pierced. This is something I've wanted for a really long time, but my parents pretty much forbade it until I came "of age". So here it is, my way of celebrating being an adult. I've done my homework and asked a couple of people (Jamie Swann, my philosophy tutor and Carter, future pro-skater) about what it's like. Today was the final preparation.

I walked into the piercings place on the second floor of Afflecks where a group of (fairly cute) cool guys with various piercings were hanging around the counter. The guy who I asked about it had a lip piercing and looked like he'd never even cried once in his entire life. So there it is, next friday I'm getting my eyebrow pierced.

Scared shitless? You bet I am.

Top 10 slang words/phrases for drugs:

1. Mary Jane - Marijuana

2. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds - LSD

3. Heaven and Hell - PCP

4. Nuggets - Crack

5. Northern Lights - Marijuana

6. Lucky Charms - Ecstacy

7. Satan's Secret - Glue

8. The Witch - Heroin

9. Rocket Fuel - PCP

10. Joy Powder - Heroin