Thursday, April 27, 2006

On The Edge

I'm so nervous. I could be discovered any minute. If you could see through the screen where I am right now you would see:
Me. I am wearing a beret.
And David (who just walked past casting me a suspicious look).

And no wonder it was suspicious. Maybe his ears were burning.

Sometimes when I'm in class I sit there wondering what people would do if they could hear my thoughts. How awful would that be? Or maybe it would be better that way. Vic said to me the other week that she wished everyone would say what they meant or what they thought. I argued that would be awful since I have often been accused of hurting people's feelings by being too honest. But she said people wouldn't get hurt because they'd be used to it by then. Rejection would be just another daily ritual.

Maybe she had a point.

If people could hear my thoughts they would know that:

1. I'm thinking way too much about David
2. I don't like Toni's blue and pink top. It's gross.
3. I wish I could lose some weight
4. I don't like Chris. He freaks me out, a lot.
5. I am pleased that my History teacher is sick today
6. I have no idea what G.E. Moore's stance on ethics is
7. Luis Garcia should never have gotten a red card last night
8. The highlight of this week for me is posting more damn good fan-fiction
9. I am the worst procrastinator in the world.
10. I'm scared that I don't love music enough. Whatever that means.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

My Easter Holidays

I forgot to mention my easter holidays. PHOTO BLOG, WOOT!

This is a portion of our Christian Union (Access) that I went out with.

Everyone looks a little shell shocked here. End of a long day I guess.

Toni got sick on the way home and fell asleep.

Vic chillin. Spent a lot of time over at hers over Easter.


Monday, April 24, 2006


She has destroyed me. There's no use denying it, I am destroyed, broken.


Have you ever read a book that was so incredibly, fantastically wonderful that it makes reality seem like, well... a shit deal? I'm sitting in a stiflingly warm computer suite with a big pile of work to get through and my MP3, Kitten, playing great music, but it just isn't enough.

Maybe this will wear off in a few days.

Maybe that explains why I was so nervous about reading the book.

It's like drug addicts, they're not scared of the drugs themselves, but afraid of the world they'll return to without them.

Top 10 covers:

1. 'Feeling Good' - Muse
2. 'Where is my Mind?' - Placebo
3. 'Killing Moon' - Pavement
4. 'Immigrant Song' - Incubus
5. 'Ain't No Sunshine' - Hanson
6. 'Creep' - InMe
7. 'Take on me' - A1 (a classic)
8. 'I Fought The Law' - Bryan Adams
9. 'Michael' - Franz Ferdinand
10. 'Time Of Your Life' - Greenday

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Forever and a Day

My posts have been few and far between. Right now I am stuck in a house of people suffering from bad backs and therefore all being very grouchy. It is for this reason that I can't wait for next week when I can escape this madhouse. Granted, it will be in order for me to go to work, but at least people are more cheerful there.

I myself have been having quite an eventful time of late. The biggest news being that my greatest compadre Vic finished with Danny. I can't help but be slightly upset over this since I liked Danny, but it was pretty much inevitable with them going their separate ways in September.

BETTER NEWS: We got our Leeds festival tickets. Yep, Mrs. Maiden stayed up until midnight to secure them for us and we will have to go on a coach a day early even though we're not camping BUT WHO CARES COS WE ARE GOING TO LEEDS WOO!

The line-up is, in a word, awesome! We're hoping to have some of our mates comes down for a day and visit us. It's gonna be truly awesome!!!

The 10 bands I successfully predicted would be on the Leeds prelim line-up:

1. Placebo (:P to you Cal!)
2. The Kooks
3. Panic! At the Disco
4. Yeah Yeah Yeahs
5. Arctic Monkeys
6. Franz Ferdinand
7. Kaiser Chiefs (ick!)
8. The Raconteurs
9. The Streets
10. Feeder

Monday, April 03, 2006


You’re always ahead of the game
I drag behind

I see you suceeding in everything and it brings a smile to my lips. I only wish I could suceed for you.

You never get caught in the rain
When I’m drenched to the bone every time

Always first into class whilst I stumble in late every time.

You’re always ahead of the pack
I drag behind

Too cool and composed to every embarass yourself. I myself prefer to be a gibbering mess of jangling nerves.

You’re the monkey I’ve got on my back
That tells me to shine

You're the one I'm fighting for. The reason I push myself just a little bit harder.

You’re always ahead of the rest
When I’m always on time
You got As on your algebra tests
I failed and they kept me behind

My genius, my rival, my inspiration.

I just gotta get off my chest
That I think you’re divine

Really. I do.

Top 10 reasons to love Spring time:

1. New beginnings and fresh starts
2. The luxurious spring sun, not too hot, not too cool
3. That warm feeling when you wake up every morning
4. Unpredictable showers
5. Blue skies and fluffy clouds
6. Summer is coming
7. Pre-Leeds euphoria begins!
8. Lambs and baby chicks
9. Easter