Monday, October 24, 2005


I have a few alter egos. I've mentioned Norman before. Norman is my good alter-ego. He is behind every good and kind thing I do. Because I'm not a kind and selfless person by nature, and yet I still do kind and selfless things sometimes. And these things are due to Norman. I guess that makes me a Virtue-Theorist. Huh. Always thought Virtue Theory was bullshit. Guess there might be something behind it.

And then there's Genevieve. Genevieve is my bad alter-ego. Every bad thing I do is an act of Genevieve because I know that deep down I am not bad. I'm by no means perfect, but I'm not bad.

Top 10 things I like about Philosophy class:

1. When my tutor Mike makes funny noises and giggles like a ginger gnome.
2. When Johnny gets proven wrong
3. When Tony gets angry
4. When me and Toni pass funny notes
5. When Tim explains something. He just says it in a simple way and I always understand what he's talking about. He'd make a good Philosophy tutor if he didn't reject religion so adamantly
6. When Mike says something like 'Bodge' or 'Bob' or 'lovely' or 'Jim is eagle'
7. When Andy, the cute quiet guy, is wearing his tye dye shirt. It's very cute.
8. When someone makes fun of Sean's bright yellow jumper
9. When Mike has to draw something
10. When Mike attempts to use the interactive smart board and has to get Andy to help him.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Matt Hales

I have an awful lot of English work to do for tomorrow morning. Fun. Joy. Laughter.

Am I currently doing any of that English work?

No. No, no, no. That is a very amusing question. I am in fact watching old 'Never Mind the Buzzcocks' with Matt Hales on as a guest and contemplating whether Matt Hales is my soulmate.

Gosh, he's so geekishly adorable.
He makes my voice go all squeaky and high.
English work...
He has that melting smile.
I like his glasses.
He's very skinny though. I'd have to feed him up. Wonder if he likes lasagne?
English work... English work... It's nearly one in the morning... English work...
His hair is sort of the colour of hard caramel.
Mmm, I like hard caramel.
Er, hello? Are you even listening to me? English work plus early morning equals get your ass into gear now!
Matt Hales' chest, now there's a thought to inspire sweet dreams!
Geez, no need to shout.

Top 10 reasons I need to make money over half term instead of sitting around the house in my pyjamas:

1. London Trip at the end of November (Mike Atherton's Swan Song!)
2. Birthdays
3. Christmas
4. A new hat
5. Pay off credit card debt
6. Whip my ass into shape
7. Get some new jeans
8. Get some new sneakers
9. Get more music
10. So I can finally put money on my phone

Monday, October 17, 2005

Pizza Hut Issues

I really hate Pizza Hut. Not only is the food gross and way overpriced, but the service is terrible and the overall experience is simply harrowing. I really detest poseurs and as such Pizza Hut is my ultimate enemy in the food industry as it is a fast food outlet pretending to be a respectable restaurant. SICK.

It is for all the above reasons that I avoided dining in Pizza Hut last night. Well, that and the fact that a) I really hate one of Vic's friends and b) my friends felt awkward around Vic's friends, the majority of which just seemed determined to ignore my mates. SICK.

But there is hope in every disappointment. I did, this weekend, receive my amazon order and was therefore able to enjoy a Saturday of lying around reading shameless romance novels and listening to the angelic voice of Mr. Damian Kulash Jr and his wonderful compadres. What ho!

Yet now I am back in college with a particularly DULL day ahead of me. Woot.

Top 10 'Cool' 'Cultured' things I could be doing now:

1. Fruit picking in Australia
2. Hiking in New Zealand
3. Barwork in the Caribbean
4. Surfing in Devon
5. Grape pressing in France
6. Shopping in New York
7. Dining in Italy
8. Walking in Amsterdam
9. Dancing in Spain
10. Drinking in Ireland

Monday, October 10, 2005

Fear of the Known

I'm scared. I think I am now officially being followed. Oh please someone get me out of this mess.

To be fair, I so didn't ask for this. This situation is in no way my fault. And I really don't need it right now. And I'm not particularly sure how to handle it. I guess wandering the corridors alone is now out of the question. My life is over.

Maybe it wouldn't be so crazy for Cal to email him. But... no, no! Asking Cal to email him is crazy. I can handle this. It's like a life lesson.

I wish Rusty was here to protect me. I could walk along the corridors on his arm and he could entertain me with random bursts of song. And I would feed him Thorntons chocolate and Burritos.
Oh, that sounds heavenly. And I'm sure Rusty would make a very good protector.

Top 10 words (compiled by Krista and Skinny)(with help from me):
1. Schwa (hebrew vowel - a mixture of luck and skill)
2. Kiosk
3. Conundrum (it was on radio 4)
4. Temporary
5. Blue Soap (Skinny: That's not a word, it's two! Kat: I don't care)
6. Moosebean
7. Non-sensical (hypocritical not Skinny?)
8. Platypus
9. Harsh
10. Huffah!

A Peach

Ciao. It feels like Italy is being stuffed down my throat lately. In History and English and what is next? Italian Philosophy? The biological rhythms of the Italians???

Sorry. Randomness over. And now for an update on my stunningly horrific life. Well, it hasn't all been horrific since I MET OK GO ON FRIDAY NIGHT. Aha, yeah, completely true.
We (Toni and myself) turned up at Liverpool Academy 4 to watch them and were delighted by our place leaning against the stage. We were so close to the guys that Rusty actually touched my arm when leaning down to move the fallbacks (media geekishness, I know what fallbacks are) so they had enough room on stage to perform the 'Million Ways' dance.

You always expect musicians to be dicks and that you'll be really disappointed when you meet them, but the OK Go guys were all just so genuinely sweet. Especially Rusty who seemed a lot more serious than the others, but heart-stoppingly cute all the same. Tim was very welcoming to all the love and Damian seemed to make sure he gave everyone a moment of his attention. Unfortunately Dan disappeared at the end of the show, but I am sure that he is also lovely.

And now it must be said that I am in love with the guys from OK Go. Especially Rusty.

As for Chris, I think I'm being stalked. Though he hasn't mentioned spending time together again, he seems to pop up whenever I am alone at college. I have strived to put him off i.e. being nasty to him when he talked about burning crosses, being ditzy and blondish, informing him of my inability to purchase new clothes and even telling him about my "boyfriend" Cal. Strangely enough, Cal is only too happy to play my so-called boyfriend and is taking his duty very seriously. I told him that I'd informed Chris that he was taking me out over the weekend and so Cal suggested that he should take me out so that I might not have to lie. Of course I graciously declined.

Top 10 wonderful things the world has to offer:
1. InMe
2. Damian Kulash's ass (like a ripe peach, I swear!)
3. Miyazaki films
4. Escalators
5. Subway Ice Machines
6. Fire Emblem
7. The smell of chlorine
8. Doc Martens
9. Afflecks Palace
10. The hands of the cute guy on the ice-cream counter at the Manchester Filmworks

So much to live for!